HCLDR is the result of many online conversations between Lisa Fields and Colin Hung. Who are we? Read on.


Lisa Fields, M.S. Founder of Lisa Fields & Associates, is an adult education scholar with a master’s degree in adult education. Her clients include health care organizations, small business and nonprofits, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Lisa’s “Sacred Media” painted by Regina Holliday

Her firm gathers facts, blends them with practical wisdom and a dose of creativity and then delivers presentations, PowerPoint deck, and educational sessions worth your time. Lisa is a member of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare, an art advocacy initiative of Regina Holliday.

Her passion for health care began as she served as a Mental Health Senior Practitioner, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Director of Education with a Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Center.

Lisa used her passion for sending Twitter Messages, also known as Tweets, during the Patient Safety and High Performance Leadership Summit held at the National Press Club. She has  participated in HealthCampDC and HealthCamp Kansas City. Regina Holliday invited her to present PowerPoints that Snap, Crackle & Pop and also an Ignite Talk for the Partnership 4 Patients in Kansas City Mo.  Lisa Live Tweeted during the #MEDX conference at Stanford Medical School where she was listed as an influencer logging in more than 500 Tweets.

Lisa, also known as Practical Wisdom on twitter, is an active participant and guest moderator for several health care social media tweet chats both in the US and internationally. Sypmplur  lists her as an influencer among several tweet chats. Lisa presented her webinar: Health care tweet chats 101: Everything you need to know for the Mayo Clinic Center for social media.

Lisa adores her remarkable daughter Ally, a college freshman at the University of North Carolina Asheville.


Hello! Thanks for reading my bio. My name is Colin. I live in a suburb of the great city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (eh). I work in the healthcare IT field and am currently the VP of Marketing at Nightingale Informatix – an EMR company. I talk a lot – both online and in-person – which is how I met Lisa. She and I started having conversations on Twitter, which lead to a meeting IRL (in real life), which lead to the creation of this blog and healthcare leadership chat.

Colin’s jacket painted by Regina Holliday

I am member of #TheWalkingGallery and am proud to wear my Regina Holliday jacket at conferences. I have been in the IT field for over 15 years and am a self-admitted geek.

I believe that this is a very exciting time to be involved in healthcare. Every day there are exciting advances in medical technology, new procedures and new ways to improve health. At the same time, the challenges in healthcare have never been greater: funding, costs, access and quality of care – all need to be addressed before the system collapses in on itself. Although governments are trying their best, I believe that it’s going to be up to people working in healthcare to improve it. Ordinary people like you and I are going to have to step up and help to lead and champion change in healthcare. All of us are going to have to become healthcare leaders.


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