Spring has finally hit here in Toronto, but with another COVID-19 lockdown in place, we can only spend time in our gardens and walking in the neighborhood for exercise. I’m not a gardener, as my brown lawn would attest to, so I’ve decided to spend this spring decluttering my home. We’ve accumulated quite a lot […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian A barrier. A path. Who among us doesn’t immediately recognize access denied, forbidden, or discouraged? Who doesn’t feel relief when a path forward appears or is built? This is but one metaphor for an external barrier to healthcare that many face. Some definitions for this chat. External barriers can be […]

As some of you know, I’m a fan of NBC’s New Amsterdam TV Show. I love the characters. I love the stories. What I find most amazing is the way the showrunners incorporate real-life healthcare challenges into the plot. They have covered everything from the opioid crisis to denied claims from insurance companies. This season […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian The pharma pricing system was not built on the idea of consumer engagement. It was built… on market efficiencies. It was not built on the premise of consumerism. ~ Heather Bresch, CEO Mylan Heather’s comment is striking and it’s emblematic of the entire healthcare system as we now know it. […]

How could health and healthcare literacy be taught in K-12? What topics should be covered? Join #hcldr tweetchat April 6th at 8:30pm ET.

Blog post by Joe Babaian As a great follow up from Colin’s recent blog on vaccine hesitancy, I’d like to expand the conversation to the wider view on trust in healthcare. More than ever, we think about trust in healthcare – the system and the medical profession is rooted in experience, connections, and perception. Different […]

Vaccine hesitancy is real and if not dealt with, could unnecessarily extend the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully as more and more people get vaccinated, the degree of hesitancy appears to be declining. But what can you do if one of the people refusing to get the vaccine is a friend or family member? What can you […]

At the next HCLDR tweetchat, we welcome some very special guests from Canadian College of Health Leaders. They will be leading us in a very important topic around public health + public safety + policing. You definitely won’t want to miss it. Below is an amazing post from Eileen Pepler who sets up the discussion […]

Blog Post By Joe Babaian Leadership isn’t just about being popular and it’s certainly not about being draconian, Steve Jobs’ legacy notwithstanding. Leadership is all about identifying the range of skills and passions in your organization and leveraging for the mutual good.  Balance is another sign of great leadership since we know we need more […]

Last week I saw a news piece about the plight of nurses of Filipino descent. Even though they make up just 4% of the nursing workforce in the US, they account for 30% of the COVID-related deaths. I also read an article about how nurses are quitting in record numbers due to stress, burnout, lack […]