Introduction by Joe Babaian. Blog by Britta Bloomquist, Pamela Ressler MS, RN, and Brian Stork, MD Starting 2022, Colin and I are so excited for what comes next to healthcare and #hcldr this year. So much positive energy wrapped up in hope plus the ongoing very real ongoing pandemic saga, we might wonder where to […]

Happy New Year to the HCLDR Community! Hopefully you were all able to take a few days to rest and recuperate from the year we just finished. We managed to have a couple of small family gather over the holidays before we went back into lockdown due to the Omicron variant. It was subdued, but […]

This week’s HCLDR tweetchat will be the last one for 2021. We’ve decided to take a short 3 week break over the holidays. We’ll be back with new HCLDR chats on Tuesday January 11, 2022 Joe and I wanted to give everyone back their Tuesday evenings to enjoy the holidays. Time with family and away […]

Blog By Joe Babaian Welcome to the home stretch of 2021! We’re all been through so much and have seen more than we ever imagined this year, there is no denying that. Let’s take a moment to look at where we are and what we share for hopes in 2022. I can’t forget today is […]

On the next HCLDR tweetchat we welcome a team from Canada Health Infoway as guest hosts. Angela Jonsson and Haley Armstrong will be leading us in a discussion about digital health literacy – a prerequisite for equitable and accessible care in the future. They have written an excellent blog to help set up the chat. […]

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and so we are having our traditional “giving thanks” chat on HCLDR. It has once again been a very tough year for many of us…but unlike 2020, the cloud of COVID is slowly dissipating. A year ago we did not yet have ready access to the […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian It’s the kind of mistrust of science because science is viewed as authority. And there’s a lot of anti-authority feeling. I think that’s the kind of thing that drives the anti-vaxxers, the people who don’t believe the science of vaccination and don’t want to get their children vaccinated. It’s all […]

One of the things I get to do is mentor and coach healthcare entrepreneurs. I really enjoy it. Plus it allows me to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations. Lately, I have seen a lot of companies building technology to help people stay safe and recover at home. It’s definitely full-steam ahead for the care-at-home […]

This week on HCLDR we welcome two very special guest hosts: Stacy Hurt @stacy_hurt and Andrew Watson, MD @arwmd They will be leading us in a discussion on health equity + telemedicine. This chat will be in conjunction with #TelemedNow. Please join us on Tuesday November 2nd at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click […]

Blog by Joe Babaian Healthcare access remains at the forefront of all we do. In this mature phase of the pandemic perhaps with the endemic nature of COVID becoming all the more real, access to healthcare remains the problem to solve. At least for those who understand the unequal nature of what we face. Of course, […]