I had a wonky and interesting blog for this week all planned. You know, when your writing/ideas flow, things click, and you just can’t wait to share with your community of peers. The best-laid plans of mice and men….. @Colin_Hung and I often chat about what really matters in Healthcare and what is being […]

Unless you have been really out of touch, the US and Canada plus much of the world is engaged in a full-out Pokémon hunt. From Squirtle to Doduo to the elusive Pikachu, the search is on! Once you see the crowds out in public, digital device in hand, walking together and talking together, enjoying themselves […]

Blog post by Colin Hung Last month I had the opportunity to attend the annual conference of the Healthcare Financial Management Association – HFMA16. I must admit, I was pretty biased before heading to the conference. I had a preconceived notion that the conference would be focused exclusively on the challenges of revenue cycle management […]

By now, we have all heard, discussed, and thought a lot about AMA CEO Madara’s speech on June 11, 2016 to the AMA Annual Meeting on #DigitalHealth challenges and opportunities facing medicine – “AMA CEO Madara Outlines Digital Challenges, Opportunities Facing Medicine” The response was, as we here at #hcldr and our #DigitalHealth communities expected, […]

Blog post by Colin Hung Have we past the Twitter peak? Is Twitter in decline? These were the questions that John Lynn @techguy and I recently debated. We were talking about how each of us were doing more and more outside of Twitter (like Blabs, podcasts and videos) and I made the comment that Twitter […]

Blog post by Bernadette Keefe MD Introduction In U.S. collegiate sports “The Elite Eight“, are the final eight teams in the national tournament; two from each region. The outcome of those four games becomes, “The Final Four”. In this summer time edition of The Elite Eight, we’re talking about the revered “eight glasses of plain water […]

We focus a lot on the stars in business and the business of healthcare. It’s human nature to want to follow and emulate the A players – spread the mantras, make the changes, see progress. But is the path so clear as that? Leadership isn’t just about being popular and it’s certainly not about being […]


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