Blog Post by Joe Babaian Hope matters. You matter. During this time of Pandemic and continued national stress, let’s talk about hope. At #hcldr we spend all of our time talking and listening to everyone we meet in healthcare and other fields. We see the opportunities to bring people together, listening to many points of […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many gaps in healthcare systems around the world. No country or health system has been spared the harsh spotlight. Yet over the last few months, there has been one gap that has not gotten a lot of press – the lack of access of caregivers to their loved ones in […]

  Blog Post by Joe Babaian Today’s blog is circling back to our discussion on April 7th as we discussed the impending 4th Wave of the pandemic. Well here it is September and not only are there multiple waves of the pandemic still ongoing, but the 4th Wave as we described is here as well […]

For the past few months, a phrase my Grade 5 history teacher, Mrs. Galbraith, has been stuck my head: “History repeats itself, but only for those that are open minded enough to see it.” We were learning about the influx of Irish refugees to Canada and the US who were fleeing the Potato Famine in […]

I thought it would be interesting to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had and will have on workplaces. What changes are temporary? How do you feel about returning to work in this time of COVID-19? First, I want to acknowledge that many people do not have the luxury of choosing how/if they return to work. […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian A barrier. A path. Who among us doesn’t immediately recognize access denied, forbidden, or discouraged? Who doesn’t feel relief when a path forward appears or is built? This is but one metaphor for an external barrier to healthcare that many face. Some definitions for this chat. External barriers can be […]

It is tough to fundraise for healthcare when the economy is do well. It must be extremely challenging to do it during an economic crisis and a pandemic. My heart goes out to all the charities, foundations and grassroots teams out there who are raising money right now. Their determination is inspiring. In the early […]

Blog by Joe Babaian Let’s think about what it means to work together. We all do it almost every day and I’d venture a guess that we all have experienced varying levels of quality in these collaborations. To formalize it a bit, let’s think of authentic collaboration. Here’s a personal story that I have just experienced […]

The largest Health IT event in Canada – the eHealth Conference – had to move online this year due to COVID-19. It would have been held in lovely Vancouver, but instead the eHealth Virtual Pop-Up event is happening next week, July 20-21st. The conference is hosted by Canada Health Infoway, the Canadian Institute for Health […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian It’s the kind of mistrust of science because science is viewed as authority. And there’s a lot of anti-authority feeling. I think that’s the kind of thing that drives the anti-vaxxers, the people who don’t believe the science of vaccination and don’t want to get their children vaccinated. It’s all […]