I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day about the “right” to complain. Here was the scenario: They bought something online and it took 3 weeks longer than expected to arrive. The product was fine, no issues there, but they had to wait a total of 5 weeks for it arrive. My friend […]

Blog Post by Joe Babaian This week I felt it would be a great opportunity to call out the best examples of leadership in healthcare that you have seen during 2021. Leadership can take many forms as we tackle this next, new normal. Sharing factual news and updates Working on the front, middle, and backlines […]

Memorial Day in the US is the unofficial start of summer – celebrated with hot dogs, BBQs and gatherings with friends over a long weekend. This year’s celebrations will be even more special given the loosening of pandemic mask requirements and physical distancing protocols. It is also a day on which those who died in […]

Blog By Joe Babaian It’s been five months since my inpatient stay for COVID-19 and the associated COVID pneumonia. Sometimes, I can’t even fathom that the experience was real and other times, when I review the ongoing financial cleanup and monthly medications, it becomes all too real. This week on #hcldr I hope to spark […]

Many healthcare organizations are experiencing a challenge in attracting and retaining talent. On a past HCLDR chat, we discussed the looming shortage of physicians and nurses, but administrative and support roles are also becoming harder to fill. What can healthcare do? Lower pay. Lack of advancement. Over the past several years, I have heard more […]

Blog by Joe Babaian Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.  ~Omar Khayyam The debate over positive thinking versus negative thinking seems to be one with clear lines in the sand. For some, the only way to live is to be relentlessly positive; for others, the drive to see things as they are […]

Spring has finally hit here in Toronto, but with another COVID-19 lockdown in place, we can only spend time in our gardens and walking in the neighborhood for exercise. I’m not a gardener, as my brown lawn would attest to, so I’ve decided to spend this spring decluttering my home. We’ve accumulated quite a lot […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian A barrier. A path. Who among us doesn’t immediately recognize access denied, forbidden, or discouraged? Who doesn’t feel relief when a path forward appears or is built? This is but one metaphor for an external barrier to healthcare that many face. Some definitions for this chat. External barriers can be […]

As some of you know, I’m a fan of NBC’s New Amsterdam TV Show. I love the characters. I love the stories. What I find most amazing is the way the showrunners incorporate real-life healthcare challenges into the plot. They have covered everything from the opioid crisis to denied claims from insurance companies. This season […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian The pharma pricing system was not built on the idea of consumer engagement. It was built… on market efficiencies. It was not built on the premise of consumerism. ~ Heather Bresch, CEO Mylan Heather’s comment is striking and it’s emblematic of the entire healthcare system as we now know it. […]