Welcome to Healthcare Leadership (#hcldr)

Health Care Leadership

In recent years health care has become a much-talked about issue. Whether it is access to care, the cost of care, the quality of care or the technologies used in care…we’re all talking about it…and well we should, because one day we are all going to be patients.

There will be many challenges in the years ahead and we’re going to need everyone involved in health care to rally together so that we can address them head-on. To do that, we’re going to need strong leaders. This site is designed to facilitate an ongoing discussion about leadership in health care.

Our goal is to offer a tweet chat that focuses on the topic of leadership within health care. We believe success will be achieved when a diverse community of people,  who are involved in health care gather together once a week to learn, listen and discover how we can enhance the professional lives for those who serve patients.

Each week we will explore various case studies, blogs, videos, journal articles, etc that focus on the topic of leadership. Several days before our chat we will announce the topic, questions and links to the topics we will explore.

Our tweetchat is on Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm  Eastern (5: 30 pm Pacific). We use the hashtag #hcldr. The tweetchat is only 30mins long – because we know how busy everyone is. Anyone is welcome to join.

Joining our Tweet chat

Joining our tweet chat is easy.

  1. Sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t already have one
  2. Download any one of the popular Twitter applications available online like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or Tweetchat
  3. In your preferred Twitter application, create a search column with “#hcldr” as the hashtag. This newly created column will now show you all the tweets from our tweetchat.
  4. Enjoy

Some Tweetchat “etiquette”

  1. Introduce yourself at the start of the tweet chat. Your name, city and how you are involved in healthcare would be perfect. You may also want to let your followers know that they’re about to see an increased number of tweets from you during the chat. Example: “John Smith from Charlotte NC here. Getting ready for #hcldr chat for the next 30min”
  2. RT (retweet) ideas or thoughts that you think your followers would like to see or that you strongly agree with.
  3. Use MT (modify tweet) if you change someone else’s tweet.
  4. Topics throughout the hour will be started by the moderator who will identify these as T1, T2, T3 We ask that when members are answering the Questions you reply with which ever topic we are discussing. If the moderator has given the first topic question and a community member would like to answer they would begin their tweet with a “T1:” followed by your answer.
  5. We want to listen and learn from each person so we ask that you please try not to dominate the discussion with too many RT’s.

We look forward to your participation and thank you for your input!

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