October 30th Tweetchat – Breaking down organizational silos

The wind & rain from Sandy has put emergency services on high alert this week. FEMA, the Coast Guard, National Guard, law enforcement & area hospital are all working together to ensure that communities are prepared for the storm. To be effective, these groups have to work closely together – even though they normally operate within their own silos.

Given the circumstances we thought it would be appropriate to focus our 2nd #hcldr tweetchat on the topic of  breaking down silos.

There are many silos in healthcare. In hospitals it is common for departments to work independently of one another – and sometimes at cross purposes. Doctors and nurses sometimes don’t see eye to eye. The same can be said for clinical versus administrative staff or care providers versus patients. So what can leaders in healthcare do help bridge the gap between silo’ed groups? What tactics and strategies can be put in place to help bring people together so that everyone is working and moving in the same direction?

To help prepare for our October 30th tweetchat (at 8:30pm Eastern!), take a look at this excellent article by John Kotter and by our very own Lisa Fields.

T1: What can leaders do to break down healthcare silos?

T2: To “fix” healthcare, what silos have to be dissolved?

Based on feedback from last week’s chat, we’ve made a couple of adjustments:

  1. Starting at 8:30pm sharp we will start with some basic tweetchat etiquette and standard disclaimer.
  2. Everyone will then have 5 min to introduce themselves. The host will try to welcome each person in those first 5min individually.
  3. At 8:35pm we will start with T1
  4. At 8:45pm we will start with T2
  5. At 8:55pm we will start the wrap up

This may seem short (and it is), but we want to try and stick to our 30min time limit. We know that everyone is busy so we are still aiming to keep our chat compact and thus extremely valuable. Of course, everyone is welcome to continue the discussion after the 9:00pm cut-off 🙂

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night.

Chat transcript is here

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