A clarification – Everyone has always been welcome on #HCLDR tweetchat

This Tuesday will be our third Healthcare Leaders Tweet Chat. This is a great time to thank those who have supported and participated in our community. This post also gives us a natural opportunity to invite others who may interested.  You are welcome to participate by actively listening, sometimes referred to as lurking, or by tweeting along with the rest of us.

I take responsibility that there might have been some confusion regarding those we would like to see become active members of our #HCLDR community. I sent out at least one tweet that stated we were looking for those who had “official leadership” responsibility. I want to be clear: Everyone is welcomed to join our chat. Period.

Both Colin and I believe tweet chats are the most valuable with there is a diverse group of individuals who actively participate.

The goal of our chat is to provide a community that lends both resources and support for those who specifically tackle the joy and challenge that arise when  one is given the responsibility to lead a group of individuals.

Our chat is not sponsored. We have no motives other than to provide a supportive gathering place to increase our professional development and lend support to each other. Our chat will also always be a LIVE chat.

In order to gain the most from this chat we encourage you to prepare for each chat by reading an article and or watch a short video. We believe this will make our time together more valuable for us both individually and as a community. Your time is precious so we promise preparing for the chat will not take longer than 10-15 minutes. If you are not able to prepare for the chat, that’s okay, please know you are always welcome to join us.

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