#HCLDR chat – Nov 13 2012 – Cowboys and Pit Crews

To view a slideshare of this tweetchat, click here.

Thank you for the specific feedback we received regarding our decision to postpone our Twitter Chat due to the United States Presidential Race. We are fortunate #HCLDR is an international tweet chat and this was one of our goals from the very beginning. Our chat includes Colin Hung, our co-founder a proud Canadian, as well as a number of other highly regarded Canadians and Australians so the decision to cancel was not one taken lightly.

We also listened to specific feedback from a number of you who requested we take our chat from a 30-minute chat and extend it to a 60-minute chat.

This week we will give the hour-long format a try.

Our chat this week will focus on The New Yorker article written by Atul Gawande M.D entitled Cowboys and Pit Crews. You can find the article here. Dr. Gawande explores the dramatic change that has occurred within the world of medicine. He explains that in the past, physicians were able to manage the care of their patients almost entirely by themselves. We are all clearly aware that physicians are not able to operate in this fashion any longer.

There is a particular quote from Dr. Gawande that is interesting:

“Which brings us to the third skill that you must have but haven’t been taught—the ability to implement at scale, the ability to get colleagues along the entire chain of care functioning like pit crews for patients. There is resistance, sometimes vehement resistance, to the efforts that make it possible. ”

As healthcare leaders this third skill is where we will focus our efforts and hopefully make contributions.

T1: What techniques have you found helpful to encourage colleagues to collaborate together?

T2: Dr. Gawande shares humility is an important factor when developing a “Pit Crew Culture.” If you believe humility is an important factor how could leaders specifically encourage humility in a healthcare environment?

T3: If a healthcare environment lacks collaboration and/or humility can one leader make a difference?

Colin and I look forward to the opportunity to gather together once again as we explore the world of healthcare leadership. See you at 8:30pm Eastern.

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