#HCLDR Chat – Nov 20 2012 – Leadership and the art of listening

Listening is a critical first step to achieving truly open communication. If we don’t truly understand or internalize what someone is saying to us, how can we as leaders be effective?

Last week’s topic on #HCLDR chat was “listening” – which ironically generated a lot of great conversations. The full transcript is here and a visual transcript is here

T1: We R reminded by @SethSHorowitz “Hearing, in short, is easy.” So what is the difference between listening & hearing? 

T2: As leaders how can you influence MD’s & others to slow down in order to listen?

T3: @Tom_peters “Your profession=listening.” http://t.co/LQ5fWpzI How R U teaching those you lead to listen?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the chat last week. It was one of our most active. See you this week!


[Post chat update] A visual transcript of this chat can be found here courtesy of Lisa Fields.

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