#HCLDR Chat – Dec 4 2012 – In Praise of Praise

Thank you!Last week we talked about how important it is to get everyone aligned behind common goals and initiatives. This week on #hcldr chat, we’re going to discuss how praising and recognizing your teammates is equally important to sustaining change in a healthcare organization.

We’re so busy as healthcare leaders that we sometimes forget to acknowledge the hard work and effort of those around us. We know we should say something, but when you are rushing between meetings, it’s easy to forget how much impact words of praise can have on someone. Here is an excellent article from Gallup Business Journal about praising employees. It’s full of great advice.

Topics for this week’s #hcldr chat:

T1: Do you agree with the following statement: One of the benefits of praise is that it helps create employee engagement.

T2: Is it the responsibility for a Leader to learn how their folks like to be shown appreciation?

T3: One size does not fit all re: talking employee recog. Let’s crowdsource specific methods can be used to appreciate employees.

The December 4th chat will be hosted by me (Lisa Fields aka @PracticalWisdom). I’ll be behind the blue box. My friend @Colin_Hung will be assisting as wing-man.

Please join us Tuesday December 4th at 8:30pm Eastern. All are welcome!



We had an amazing turnout Tuesday night. Tons of thought-provoking comments and ideas. It really was a very useful and productive discussion. You can find a transcript of the tweetchat here and a slideshare here.

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