#HCLDR Chat – Dec 11 2012 – Truth and Candor

truthWow. The last few #hcldr chats have been amazing – especially last week’s on Praise and Motivation.

This week’s topic picks up on an idea from our last chat – where the concept of honesty was raised as a pre-requisite of respect and leadership effectiveness. This week, the topic centers around the concept of “truth”.

One of the duties of a good leader is to seek the truth and to encourage others to speak the truth. Knowing and understanding the truth is very important in any fast-paced environment – but especially in healthcare. Actions are most effective when they come from an individual or team that has an accurate picture of the situation (aka “the truth”).

However, getting the truth is often a difficult task. We all tend to tell people what they want to hear rather than what we truly believe. Other times the truth is simply too harsh or too difficult to say – so we avoid telling it. Here is a short article from UCSF’s School of Medicine about the need for truth in doctor-patient relationships.  This is another great article from Harvard Business Review about the need for leaders to create a “culture of candor”. You can read the summary here. The airline crew study is really an eye opener.

Please join us Tuesday December 11th at 8:30pm for our #hcldr tweetchat. Everyone is welcome!

T1: Do you believe that ppl in healthcare do a good job speaking “the truth”? Examples?

T2: How can healthcare leaders do to create a culture of candor?

T3: What tactics have you found effective to deliver harsh/difficult truths?

Hopefully we’ll see you online.


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