#HCLDR Chat – Dec 18 2012 – Tweetchat Feedback

FeedbackFeedback so we can go Feed Forward

Lisa Fields

As Colin and I prepared for  #HCLDR this week we decided we will postpone our chat for both December 25 and January 1. We believe many of our community members will be spending the holidays with family and friends.

As 2012 is coming to an end, we want to make sure we thank every person who has joined and made #HCLDR such a remarkable tweet chat.  We know you are busy professionals who have many responsibilities both professional and personal. As we look forward to 2013 we want to continue to honor the contributions you have made and make sure we listen to you as you share specific feedback and suggestions for #HCLDR in 2013.

Source Material for our Chat: Ashkenas, A. (2012, November 13). Don’t ask for Feedback unless you want it {Blog Post}.

Ron Ashkenas in his post, Don’t ask for Feedback unless you want it, shares a story about a friend who wrote an email sharing her views with the CEO of her company after he ended his newsletter with a request for feedback. Ashkenas reports his friend really thought the leader of her organization was requesting genuine feedback but as she unpleasantly discovered this really was not the case at all.

I hope you will take the time to read this short post full of practical wisdom.

T1: When leaders ask for feedback how do you determine if they really want specific feedback or not?

T2: Will have an A. B.C. format because we are asking for you to give us specific feedback for #HCLDR in 2013 by using the SKS form: Stop/Keep/Start. Please be candid because we can only feed forward if we receive specific feedback.

T2: a. What would you like for us to stop doing?

T2 b. What should we keep doing?

T2 c. What should we start doing?


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