#HCLDR Chat – Jan 15 2013 – In Praise of Praise II

Gallup Business Journal LogoOn December 17, 2012 during our healthcare leadership tweet chat we explored a remarkable Gallup Business Journal Post In Praise of Praising your Employees written by Jennifer Robins.

Jennifer Robins believes the need for employee recognition is related to the chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain. She reports: “Recognition for good work releases dopamine in the brain, which creates feelings of pride and pleasure.”

Jim Harter, Gallup’s chief scientist and co-author of the book The Elements of Great Managing shares: “When expected praise doesn’t materialize, dopamine levels drop, which leads employees to avoid thankless tasks.” We all have thankless tasks to complete no matter what level we represent within our organization. When we’re recognized in a way that helps us feel respected I believe thankless tasks become more pleasant and thus we can become more productive.”

The conversation was moving in such a powerful way I felt it might be valuable to save our T3 as a continuation for our next chat. I also asked our community for their thoughts. The community requested we save our last question for this weeks chat so we will begin as we explore this question.

T1: One Size does not fit all RE: Talking Employee Recognition. Let’s crowdsource specific ideas of how leaders can show appreciation for those they lead. 

 Our next two questions for this weeks #HCLDR are also taken from this same article.

Last week it appeared that many of those within our community shared they didn’t believe many leaders do a very good job of showing appreciation or recognition for their employees. A number of folks also commented that if appreciation was genuine that it’s was not valuable to receive.

T2: What techniques or tools could help leaders become better at giving appropriate recognition more frequently?

Our author cautions leaders not to assume that money is the only form of recognition employee’s value? David Grazian shares “It’s not just about money. People want recognition; they want to be noticed and appreciated.”

T3: What are the pros & cons of only using money/bonus as a way to show appreciation and recognition of employees at the end of the year?

Please join us on Tuesday January 15th, 2013 at 8:30pm Eastern for our tweetchat. We hope to see you there.

Lisa Fields (@PracticalWisdom)

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