#HCLDR Chat – Jan 22 2013 – Priorities

"Priorities" Road SignEach  January I fight the urge to write down 50 New Year’s resolutions. When I was young, I actually wrote down that many. Of course, I never lived up to all of them. In fact I never accomplished more than 10 at most. Over the years I’ve managed to keep my resolutions to just a handful, but it’s still a struggle to set realistic priorities for the coming year.

Leaders are constantly challenged to set priorities. Priorities for themselves, for their teams and for the organization. There’s a lot of pressure to not only pick the right priorities, but to rally people around them. Healthcare leaders have an especially tough challenge. There are so many important initiatives, so many important stakeholders and so little time/resources to get things done.

Ron Ashkenas wrote a great blog post on Harvard Business Review a couple of years ago that talks about the challenges of setting priorities and how to overcome them. By coincidence, he starts with an example from a hospital that had a list of 150 “critical priorities”.

Please join us Tuesday January 22nd at 8:30pm Eastern for our #hcldr tweetchat. Everyone is welcome!

T1: What priorities would you like to see healthcare leaders focus on in 2013 ?

T2: What would you do if the priorities of your manager/organization don’t match the ones you think they should have?

T3: What some effective ways of keeping priorities ‘top-of-mind’ throughout the year?

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!


One comment

  1. This looks like a fantastic theme and I’m looking forward to learning what people in the healthcare industry choose to focus on. Interestingly, this is the first year I’ve chosen only five goals and they are far from my normal realm of wishful accomplishment. See what they are here:

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