What is a Quote Tweet


Our topic for Healthcare Leaders this week is conference tweeting. I believe some of the most valuable conference tweeting occurs when you can capture a quote from the speaker. It’s not easy to capture a quote from a speaker because you have to type and capture the quote really quickly, listen intently and then figure out how to share the quote with only 140 characters. To do this type of conference tweeting takes lots of practice.

During #Medx last year Roni Zeiger MD gave an inspiring talk.

Before his presentation we all watched a video that told a little bit about his story. One of the reasons Roni is a great speaker is he is able to tell his  story by using short powerful sentences. While some folks might refer to these sentences as sound bits I refer to them as nuggets of gold. Our attention spans are short and this skill is an important way to communicate not only during a conference but also when we are sharing information with those we serve within our healthcare environments.

‪Stanford Medicine X Films – Roni Zeiger, MD

If you would like practice tweeting quotes I’d encourage you to watch this video and then create tweets you can then send out as part of your #HCLDR optional homework.

This is an example of a Quote Tweet I might have shared during #medx

1:16 in the Stanford Medicine X Films “We’re just entering this era I think where patients are teaching doctors a lot.”  @rzeiger #HCLDR

Notice I placed Quotations marks because this is an actual quote. I placed the speakers Twitter ID at the end of the quote so we know who gave the quote.

If we saw Roni Live or if we were tweeting from a LIVE Stream we would place the conference hashtag after the quote. It’s a good idea to remember that shorter quotes have a better chance of being Re Tweeted. The Quote tweet above has 99 characters with spaces.

Another example of a possible quote tweet from Dr. Zeiger might look like the one below.

1:40 “The Reality is that it’s incredibly hard to be a doctor and it’s only getting harder.” @rzeiger

These are just a few tweets I found valuable. The wonderful aspect of Tweeting a speaker during a conference is you chose the quotes that “speak to you” or you think others will find most valuable. As a health care leader your tweets are truly a reflection of you. When you are tweeting during a conference it’s helpful to remember how important context is to your tweet. If someone can’t read one tweet and understand it then this is a teachable moment for you and an indication this is not your best tweet.

So I’d encourage you to practice quote tweeting. Please consider placing these tweets on twitter and end them with #HCLDR as an encouragement and preparation for our chat.

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