Next #HCLDR Chat will be on April 2, 2013

This Tuesday Colin and I have decided to postpone Healthcare Leadership Tweet Chat. A number of our community members will be gathering with their families this week and celebrating important traditions and religious expressions of their faith.

I often say we are better together so we will look forward to next Tuesday April 2, 2013 when we will explore the topic of music and medicine together.  If you have any articles or suggestions for this topic please feel free to send me a tweet or Direct Message. Later this week we will post the #HCLDR blog, which will include links to various articles, along with the three questions we will explore on April 2, 2013. Remember you can always share articles or tweets that focus on healthcare leadership by including #HCLDR at the end of your tweet throughout the week. This is a wonderful way for us to continue to learn together.

Colin and I are looking forward to gathering together next Tuesday April 2, 2013 when we will explore Music and Medicine.


Photo Credit: Julie Walton Shaver

One comment

  1. Looking forward to the conversation. I’ve invited my friends in the music therapy community to take part.

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