#HCLDR Chat – April 2 2013 – Medicine and Music

TEDMED Image - Between Music and Medicine - Dr Robert GuptaOur health care leader community is a wonderfully diverse gathering of volunteers. We are fortunate to have a rich international collection of interdisciplinary people who are passionate about health care and leadership.

It’s important to me to read your blogs, watch YouTube clips, TED talks, listen to your songs and see your tweets. I began to notice so many of us have passion for music. It began to dawn on me that most of us are passionate about music and medicine.

JoAnn Jordan, a Board Certified Music Therapist, has dedicated her life to music therapy. The contributions she makes in the area of music and medicine are obvious in both her daily tweets and her valuable blog 

Our friend Regina Holliday wrote a beautiful blog post about Dr. Wen Dombrowski and her work using music and dance with those she serves.

Dr. Steven Eisenberg, an oncologist writes and sings songs for his patients. There have been a number of articles and television segments highlighting his work.

I heard from three surgeons who actively participate in our community that they play music while working in the operating room. Brian Stork MD even offered this tweet: :

@PracticalWisdom Dave Matthews is pretty popular in our OR – You & Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD9CrZODlNA&sns=tw via @youtube

Several patients shared that music plays an important role as they face their chronic illness. Our friend Michael A. Weiss shared this powerful in a tweet:

#Music literally soothes my soul & when the rest of my body “betrays” me-it becomes a source of strength. #Crohns

This topic is simply too important and valuable to cover during one tweet chat. There are so many more tweets and resources you all shared so we will explore the topic of music and medicine again in the near future.

Questions for our chat:

  • T1: What are some of the benefits of using music for Health Care Leaders?
  • T2: What can patients teach us about using music within health care?
  • T3:  Why do you think so many of us are passionate about music and medicine?

Thank you for sharing so many remarkable tweets and resources as I prepared for this blog and our chat.

I thought it would be a wonderful way to end this blog post by sharing Dr. Robert Gupta’s powerful TED talk: Between Music and Medicine

Please join us on Tuesday April 2, 2013 at 8:30pm Eastern.



  1. Music and medicine science and stories abound from Oliver Sacks to medical students who play in an orchestra in concerts supporting a free clinic in New York City. There’s new evidence and research from NIH NEA collaborations by Dr. Julene Johnson. http://artworks.arts.gov/?p=16191 I also like Dr. Charles Limbs TED Talk “Your Brain on Improv” http://www.ted.com/talks/charles_limb_your_brain_on_improv.html Hope to join the chat later this evening.

  2. love these and look forward to participating in a future chat.

  3. […] music + healing, a concept we have explored a few times on #hcldr (see prior blogs here, here and here). Another, more classic example is Disney + healthcare – something that many people have […]

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