#HCLDR Chat – April 23 2013 – Conference Tweeting 2

Conference TweetingLessons learned from conference tweeting

This week a number of our Health Care Leaders played an important role as both Health Care Leaders and also folks who know how to use twitter during a conference. It’s been my experience that many participants who attend health care/medical conferences still are not aware that Twitter can be used as a powerful tool to share information during a conference.

This week I was in Dallas Texas to attend The Beryl Institute Patient Experience. While attending the conference,  I met Bernard Roberson, Michael Celender, Erica Steel, Naomi Williams and Mr. Noah. This team presented  the breakout session Patient and Family Centered Care. After Talking to them for a short period of time we quickly discovered this team is part of the initiative Dr. James Rawson lead for the Georgia Regents University Patient Engagement Program. We were very honored when Dr. Rawson mentioned the #HCLDR patient experience tweetchat in one of his presentations.

The relationship we have developed with Dr. Rawson through Twitter added so much value when I met this team. It was gratifying to see Dr. Rawson’s vision represented by these inspiring people.

This week we will explore our role when tweeting during a healthcare conference.

Colin and I always like to share resources you can explore before our chat. This list includes some articles we hope you might find valuable:

How People are using Twitter during Conferences

Twitter Dispatches from the New England Journal of Medicine’s Horizons Conference

Increased use of Twitter at a medical conference: a report and a review of the educational opportunities.

  • T1: How do you explain the benefits of conference tweeting to other non-tweeting attendees?
  • T2: For those who have recently attended or watched a LIVE streaming conference what have you seen that’s exciting to you as a healthcare leader?
  • T3: What factors give our tweets credibility when we tweet during a conference?

We are looking forward to a stimulating conversation within our community. Please feel free to invite others you think we enjoy and learn from our community.

#HCLDR Tweetchat is on Tuesday April 23 at 8:30 Eastern time.

I’m excited to announce I will be both speaking and LIVE Tweeting for the Changing Health Care Connecting the Dots for the 16the Annual Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement Colloquium on Health Care Transformation. The conference will take place May 6-8, 2013. I will be speaking on Tuesday May 7, 2013 at 12: 50-1:50 Central Time.

There is still time to register: https://www.icsi.org/_asset/3b5xzl/ColloquiumBrochure2013.pdf

Let’s Get Engaged!
Lisa Fields, MS, Founder, Lisa Fields & Associates, Greensboro, NC
For too long, health care has been focused on improving patient care without inviting the key subject matter experts, the patients. Patient engagement is a critical cornerstone of patient safety and quality. During this interactive session, we will explore online communities and discover practical ways to build authentic patient engagement.

I know there will be a great deal of valuable information coming from #ICSI2013 so I hope to hear from you.


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