#HCLDR Chat – April 30 2013 – Trust

TrustIn this era of reality TV, blogs, websites and social media trust has never been harder to establish and has never been easier to lose. All of us have had to learn new ways of building trust through online means. We’re getting used to creating relationships with people who we may never meet. We have Tweet-peeps (aka followers) and Facebook friends that we have never met in-real-life (IRL) or who haven’t seen in years. In our personal and professional lives we have adapted our ways of building and establish trust.

In healthcare, trust is paramount. Without trust, nothing happens. Patients trust the advice and knowledge of their doctors (and other caregivers). Doctors in turn trust their patients to be honest about their symptoms and trust them to adhere to the treatment/medications prescribed. The entire healthcare system functions on the basis of trust.

This week on #HCLDR we are going to explore the concept of trust and how it applies to healthcare. We’re going to talk about trust between patients and providers, how to build trust online and how to how to recover when trust is lost.

There is an article from the Journal of Family Practice that was written before the time of Twitter and Facebook ubiquity that has some excellent pointers for building trust between doctors and patients. In Physician Behaviors that Predict Patient Trust, Dr. David H Thom talks about the results of a study his team conducted that showed that “caring and comfort are as important as technical competency in predicting patient trust” and that “expressive and receptive communication skills are also important predictors of trust”. I’m sure that many of our #HCLDR community would agree.

In Moving Beyond Patient Satisfaction: How to Build Trust and Partnership from Dynamic Chiropractic, Shelley Simon provides 7 fantastic tips on how practitioners can build trust. #1 stands out: “Appreciate the Fact That Trusting Relationships Are Healing”. Simon reminds us that a trusting relationship in and of itself can help in the healing process, that trust between provider and patient is therapeutic. It’s an interesting concept.

Building trust online is a tricky endeavour, but there are many articles and posts that give some great suggestions:

The following are the topics for this week’s chat:

  • T1: How do you know if you have a trusted relationship with your provider? What are the signs?
  • T2: What can healthcare providers do establish/enhance trust with patients in-person and online?
  • T3: How can someone rebuild trust after it is lost online (ex: posting something that turns out to be incorrect?)

#HCLDR Tweetchat is on Tuesday April 30 at 8:30 Eastern time.


Image credit: http://legacyproject.human.cornell.edu/2012/09/honesty-and-trust-a-ww-ii-veterans-lesson-for-living/

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