June 18 Chat – Good People (Redux)

Healthcare TeamDue to extreme Twitter slowness on May 21, 2013 we were not able to hold our #HCLDR  tweetchat. The topic that day was supposed to be “Good People”. There was a lot of interest in discussing this topic so we’re going to try again this week.

The background information for this chat can be found on the May 21 blog post.

The discussion topics are:

  • T1: We all seek to surround ourselves with “good people” How do YOU define a good person.
  • T2: What are the characteristics of a good person in healthcare? (meaning a physician, nurse, administrator or volunteer)
  • T3: What can healthcare leaders do to find and keep good people in their organizations?

Please join us on Tuesday June 18th at 8:30pm Eastern for the weekly #HCLDR tweetchat.

Image Credit: http://www.aroragroup.biz/

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