White House – Champions of Change

This past Thursday (June 20th, 2013) Colin and I were honored when @jackandraka invited us to see him and twelve other Leaders receive the White House Open Sciences “Champions of Change.” Colin and I have posted some Tweets during this once in a lifetime event and I’ll also post a visual transcript of this remarkable day.

The @Whitehouse Office of Communication designed this beautiful press release sharing more details about “Champions of Change” and a short bio about each person who received the award. http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/microsites/ostp/openscience_release_6-18-13.pdf

Celebrating “Open Science” Champions of Change at the White House describes mission and vision of the program: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/06/21/celebrating-open-science-champions-change-white-house

Jack was very eloquent on the panel. He spoke about his breakthrough innovation and how important open sharing of scientific information is to new discoveries. Jack’s story of running into paywalls elicited was quite poignant and many in the audience showed support of Jack’s crusade for #openaccess.

We want to extend our special thanks to Jack for sharing this honor with both Colin and I and the entire Healthcare Leader Community.

Lisa Fields, Jack Andraka and Colin Hung at the White House

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