Dec 17 Chat – Leana Wen MD Who’s my Doctor

Photo Credit: Katherine Streeter for NPR

Photo Credit: Katherine Streeter for NPR

Blog post by Lisa Fields

I first met Leana Wen MD this fall when she presented  Back to the Basics: the power of the patient narrative (Preview) during Medicine X at Stanford Medical School. As part of her introduction she shared in the Stanford material she stated:

“The patients’ story forms the cornerstone of medical care. Studies have shown 80% of diagnosis can be made based on the story alone, and that story-telling is the foundation for healing. “

She clearly moved the audience, both with the stories she told and the wisdom she shared.

Dr. Leana Wen is a Emergency Medicine Physician at The George Washington University Hospital. She’s also the Director, Patient-Centered Care Research for The George Washington University Hospital. She’s the author When Doctors Don’t Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnose and Unnecessary Tests.

Our chat tonight is based on “Who’s my Doctor?‘ a projected founded by Dr. Wen. The goal of Who’s My Doctor is to encourage physicians to share a public disclosure statement with their patients. Dr. Wen has designed a unique disclosure statement that includes disclosing financial connections to pharmaceutical and medical devise companies. She pushes transparency even further by also encouraging physicians to include their personal, professional and philosophy of practice. This is her own Total Transparency Manifesto.

Dr Wen wrote a detailed description of The Total Transparency Manifesto in a recent Huffington Post article.

Her post for Kevin MD entitled Who’s my Doctor? The total transparency manifesto as of today has received 63 comments. The number of comments this post has received is remarkable. Clearly her article struck a chord. While some of the comments shared on KevinMD were supportive, many–in particular by doctors–were not.

When I first asked Leana if she would like to be our guest I asked if she could focus on her book When Doctors Don’t Listen. This topic would have been an “easier” to discuss during our chat, but she asked if we could focus on “Who’s my Doctor.”

I respect Dr. Wen for choosing the more challenging topic to discuss and one that that’s completely a volunteer initiative.

Just as we were ready to place the finishing touches on this blog Dr. Wen received the exciting news that Shots the Health News from National Public Radio had selected to run her post “Before the Prescription, Ask About Your Doctors Finances“.

We’re looking forward to an evening full of discussion and varied viewpoints with Dr. Leana Wen.

Topics for discussion.

  • T1: MD’s must disclose potential $ conflicts during scientific conferences. Is it reasonable to suggest MD’s share $ info with their patients?
  • T2: How much MD transparency is necessary to build patient trust and an effective physician/patient relationship?
  • T3: Open Mike: Dr. Wen will answer a few questions from our community.
  • T4: Closing Thought=CT: What’s one thing you’ve learned tonight that you can take to your place of influence to help a patient tomorrow?

Source Material

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Photo Credit

Photo Credit: Katherine Streeter for NPR,


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