Jan 14th Chat – Do you see what I see? Healthcare leaders demonstrating leadership in their tweets

HCLDR screen-shot-2013-09-10-at-9-49-33-pm

Blog post by Lisa Fields

Healthcare leader (#HCLDR) is the only tweet chat I know of out of 163 Healthcare Tweet Chats listed by Symplur that include the word “leadership” in their title. When we first began our tweet chat there was some confusion because we simply took it for granted that people would consider patients as colleagues of healthcare leaders.

I don’t believe leadership is determined by our professional avocation. As I often say in my consulting work, “Some who have official leadership responsibility are not leaders.” In my mind, the manner in which we live our lives and treat those with whom we work is often the best measure of leadership. Leadership, I believe, often defines the value we bring to both our professional and personal lives. I’ve personally seen remarkable people who didn’t have “official leadership responsibilities” help bring significant change to their organizations.

My friend Marie Ennis-O’Connor (@JBBC) began a very lovely and valuable project by simply sharing her 100 recommendations of healthcare social media accounts to follow on Twitter (List 1 and List 2). I was impressed by her list for so many reasons. As Marie shares:

I wanted particularly to highlight the accounts of those you may not be so familiar with. Their names may not be as well-known on a global stage but they have consistently added value to the healthcare conversation throughout 2013 and are poised to add even more in the New Year.

Marie’s fact of kindness sharing those she follows took an interesting turn when she received mixed reviews regarding her first 100 Healthcare Accounts to follow.

Discussions occurred both on and off twitter regarding who she should have included on her list and various ways to help us determine who we follow in social media. Some suggested Klout Scores could be used to measure who brings meaning into our concentric circles. Others suggested people like Todd Park (@todd_park) should have been included in Marie’s list. There are those who believe the number of people who follow you on Twitter is another valid point in determining who brings meaning.

What absolutely thrills and delights me is I see and learn from authentic leaders who demonstrate leadership in their tweets. These are not only the people I want to follow, but more importantly they become informal mentors. While I see teachable moments from people I don’t know, I most often see these examples within our Healthcare Leader Community.

Leadership is part of our name. How are you demonstrating your leadership in your tweets?

  • T1: Please share specific ways you see leadership demonstrated in Tweets?
  • T2: How might members of our community demonstrate leadership when people new to twitter and/or our chat join us?
  • T3: What factors do you think are the best indications of success for our community?
  • CT: What’s one thing you’ve learned tonight that you can take to your place of influence to help a patient tomorrow?

Please join us Tuesday January 14th at 8:30pm ET (North America) for our weekly #HCLDR chat.


  1. This is such a great topic and an excellent choice for #HCLDR at the start of a new year. Looking forward to hearing from others and joining in on the conversation.

  2. Lisa, I just looked at @todd_park on Twitter and his last tweet was on Sept. 25th – I was expecting to see more engagement.

  3. This brings to mind the notion of unrecognized leadership. There are leaders among us who have no title and draw no official attention to themselves, yet improve the experience around them.

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