Behavioral Health Integration and Hospital Readmissions – Feb 18 chat

Steven Daviss Photo with Regina HollidayBlog post by Lisa Fields

This week’s #HCLDR chat features a guest host: Steven Daviss, MD, DFAPA, is President & Founder of FUSE Health Strategies, CMIO of M3 Information, and former Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center. You may know him as @HITShrink on Twitter.

We are honored and excited that Dr. Daviss is going to be online with us Tuesday February 18th at 8:30pm Eastern (GMT -5).

The topics for this week:

  • T1: With shortage of #BHealth resources, what impacts do you see in your settings? #HCLDR
  • T2: What can help PCPs better integrate #BHealth into their practice? #HCLDR
  • T3: What can help to address impact of #BHealth on chronic health conditions? #HCLDR
  • CT: What’s one thing you’ve learned tonight that you can take to your place of influence to help a patient tomorrow?

For background and resources, please see Steven Daviss’s blog for more details…a portion replicated below:

The topic will be about Behavioral Health Integration, and will touch on the impact of comorbid mental health and substance use disorders(referred to in the collective as behavioral health) on hospital readmissions.

To whet people’s appetite and guide the focus, I’ve included an image below that shows the relative risk of hospitalization for several medical conditions for four groups of patients (this is 2011 Maryland Medicaid data):

  • patients without any comorbid behavioral health condition
  • patients with a comorbid mental health condition
  • patients with a comorbid substance abuse condition (drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependence)
  • patients who are comorbid for both a mental health AND a substance use disorder
(CELL-SEPT refers to cellulitis and septicemia; CHF is congestive heart failure; RESP//// refers to four respiratory conditions: asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia; and DM refers to diabetes)

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