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Thanksgiving Table - vxla

Blog post by Colin Hung

It’s that time of year for those that live in the US – time for turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, flight delays, football and shopping bargains. It’s Thanksgiving!

Given that the next #hcldr chat is just ahead of the day when most of our friends in the US will be heading out for the holiday, I thought we’d go with a “lighter” topic. So nothing heavy or that requires a lot of prep – just something fun that reflects the spirit of Thanksgiving.

This week we’re going to predict the future. How hard can that be right?

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Digital Health Conference (#DHC14) in New York City. It was a fantastic event full of interesting sessions and speakers. Four in particular stood out:

  • Eric Topol (@EricTopol), who spoke about the mobile future of healthcare
  • Alan Greene (@DrGreene), who spoke about how healthcare tech gives us all super-powers
  • Sky Christopherson (@skylabs1), who demonstrated the power of quantified-self technology
  • Ariel Gartan (@ariel_garten), who showed us what the incredible Muse device could do
Sky Christopherson at #DHC14 talking about the triumph of data over drugs by US Olympic Women's Cycling team.

Sky Christopherson at #DHC14 talking about the triumph of data over drugs by US Olympic Women’s Cycling team.

All four of these wonderful speakers talked about the incredible healthcare future that’s ahead. Collectively they envisaged a future where the devices we carry, the clothes we wear and the rooms we occupy are able to track, monitor, diagnose and even treat us. What was once the realm of science-fiction is quickly becoming a reality thanks to the incredible advancements in mobile and sensor technology.

However, what was most intriguing was not the tech that these speakers highlighted, but rather the impact these new tools will have on the way we, as patients, interact with the broader healthcare system. We will be able to get care whenever and wherever we want it. We will have unlimited choice to how we receive care and we will have personalized treatments that are based on our unique genetic makeup.

This week’s #hcldr is inspired by these keynotes and by the holiday season. Together we’re going to look into the future and share what we believe we will be thankful for 5 years from now as it relates to healthcare. Will we be thanking the #mHealth industry for allowing us to self-track/diagnose? Will we be thanking governments for enact innovation-sparking regulations instead of overbearing ones?

Join us Tuesday November 25th at 8:30pm Eastern (for your local time click here) for the weekly #hcldr tweetchat where we will be discussing the following questions:

  • T1 When we look back 5yrs from now, what changes in healthcare will we be thankful for?
  • T2 When we look back 5yrs from now, what will we be thankful we DID NOT DO in healthcare?
  • T3 When we look back 5yrs from now, what healthcare tech will we be most thankful for?
  • T4 What are you thankful for this holiday?


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Thanksgiving Table – vxla


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