#HCLDR at #HIMSS15 : Discussing Health IT and the impact on patients

HIMSS15Blog post by Colin Hung

Today marks the start of the annual meeting of Healthcare….Society (aka #HIMSS15). This year over 45,000 people are expected to descend upon McCormick place in Chicago for 5 days of meetings, discussions, keynotes, shaking hands and selfies (#HIMSSelfie). I absolutely love the HIMSS conference. I always come back with a full brain and an even fuller heart. It’s inspiring to be around so many bright and passionate peers.

This year I’m super excited to be a HIMSS Social Media ambassador (SMA). For a full list of #HIMSS15 SMAs click here or subscribe to this handy Twitter list. I’m so honored and humbled to be an ambassador this year…and I now have the perfect excuse to go tweet-crazy during the conference (you have been warned).

Because of #HIMSS15 I thought it would be appropriate to theme the next #hcldr tweetchat on the topic of #HealthIT and technology. Specifically I would like to delve into how HealthIT has impacted our lives as individuals.

Over the past few years an incredible amount of money, time and effort has been put into modernizing the operations of healthcare organizations. As an industry, I feel that we have been far too focused on improving the operational efficiency of healthcare versus improving the lives of patients. I don’t believe there are many patients who would say they are healthier because of the HealthIT investments made by the healthcare organizations that care for them.

Do you agree? Do you have examples of HealthIT that has positively impacted your health & wellbeing? Is there a technology that you believe will help you in the next 2 years?

Join us on Tuesday April 7th 8:30pm EDT (7:30pm #HIMSS15 time or for your local time click here) for the weekly #hcldr tweetchat where we will be discussing the following topics:

  • T1 – Where would you like to see healthcare orgs make more IT/technology investments? Usability? Usefulness? Privacy/Security?
  • T2 – What #HeathIT or clinical technology HAS HAD the biggest impact on your health in the past 2yrs?
  • T3 – What #HeathIT or clinical technology WILL HAVE the biggest impact on your health in the next 2yrs?
  • T4 – What message would you like to deliver to the HIMSS15 attendees? (use #hcldr & #HIMSS15 hashtags)

PLEASE NOTE, this #hcldr chat is happening right in the middle of the New Media Meetup hosted by John Lynn of HealthcareScene (disclosure: the company I work for, PatientPrompt, is a sponsor of that meetup). If you are at the New Media Meetup and would like to join the chat with me in-person, please look for me at around 7:20pm (just after the prizes are given away) I’ll be wearing my #TheWalkingGallery jacket and hunting for a power outlet.


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Mandi B Pro – HIMSS Silhouette



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