Speed in Healthcare: Do We Really Need It Now?

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“How did it get so late so soon?”
― Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t want it now? We live in the now, technology gives us the feeling, and often the reality, that everything is a click away – even health and wellness.

The current state of “now” medicine is changing almost daily with telemedicine roaring to the forefront, urgent-care clinics and ERs promising to treat you immediately and get you on the road again, cancer centers creating satellite facilities down the street, Uber-like options for house calls, and a plethora of #DigitalHealth devices that make it seem as if you can manage your health now from the comfort of your screen.

There’s no going back to simple visits with Marcus Welby for sore throats and the occasional visit to the ER in the city center for stitches. Society is on fast-forward and that requires a new foundation of care, access, and tools to meet the evolving needs of populations never anticipated 30 years ago. We need to step up to the realities of the system as it exists now and be ready for what comes next.

We touch on the Uber-ization of Healthcare when Melinda Beck of the WSJ posits in “Startups Vie to Build an Uber for Health Care”:

Services splint strains and suture wounds on-site; Are house calls better than ER visits?

This week on #hcldr, let’s talk about the Need for Speed in Healthcare and what the implications really mean. It’s time to discuss how we see things now, our experiences – good and bad, what we see coming next, and most importantly, what we are doing to make it happen in ways to assure real care, better access, and innovation across the board.

Some thoughts to get you thinking:

  • Does the healthcare revolution of fast/instant access include all populations? Low SES? Undocumented? No coverage? Children? Rare diseases?
  • Who pays for all these new channels/speeds of delivery?
  • Who finances/encourages innovation?
  • Is Theranos an example of what we should expect when it comes to fast medicine / innovation?

Let’s consider where we’ve been, where we are, where we need to be as well as the implications along with the #hcldr community of professionals, patients, clinicians, administrators, lurkers, counselors, social workers, designers, and advocates!

Please join us on Tuesday December 7, 2015 at 8:30pm Eastern (for your local time click here) as we discuss the following topics:

  • T1: How has the demand for now changed healthcare? Positives? Negatives?
  • T2: How do you feel the new paradigm – fast medicine –  will impact real (not just promised) access to care across the board?
  • T3: What experiences do you have with quick access in healthcare? What would you change?
  • T4: What can we do to balance fast/slow medicine so that we move forward with the best care and access for all?



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