Innovation, Emotion, & Success in Healthcare




“I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.”

― Maya Angelou

Talking today on Twitter underlines, yet again, the value of personal relationships regardless of the medium.  Blogging, Tweeting, texting, what-have-you, it’s the authentic connections and discussions with our friends and peers that spark the imagination and create the seeds of change. The past few days, many have been getting excited for #JPM16 (J.P. Morgan 34th Annual Healthcare Conference held in San Francisco this week) and for good reason – it’s a super kick off to 2016 for getting things done in healthcare!

Recently, Sean Erreger (@StuckonSW) really helped frame a conversation about the continuing (argh!) use of fax machines in healthcare:


We all can see Jon McBride (@jamcbride) being emblematic in the power of one to spark collaboration – #EINpower – HT here to our own Bernadette Keefe, MD (@nxtstop1) for this continuing hashtag/idea! Notice the “we”, “all of us”, and #GSD?


And finally, Nick Adkins (@nickreeldx) sums it all up when we talk about making progress, implementing change and realizing value:


The key point here is people coming together, understanding each other’s point of view and looking for solutions! ROE return on experience is more than revenue or management, it’s based on the personal experiences – the power of emotion + logic – that lead to real change, innovation and focus on what we all share as a common goal in healthcare – caring for people, be it start of life, end of life, or anything in between. Caring for people as we wish to be cared for ourselves.

Nick mentioned to me:

#EINpower. we r all in this together. it all revolves around empathy and seeing ourselves in others vs an us vs them mentality. we have to all work together to make the magic happen. it involves letting go of fear…sometimes surrendering to it…asking for help when needed….living a life of gratitude and gifting and transparency. being open, present, and willing to have the experience. that’s the magic joe.

Well! I couldn’t have said it better and Nick pulls it all together for us. The success – measured by people helped plus any further measure, including financial, comes from starting in the right place. The nexus of success isn’t from a single threaded effort – you must start from the right place and pull varied and rich people/skills together toward the common goal.

We see this in the seismic shift that will continue to be discussed at #JPM16 – Fee-for-Value vs. Fee-for-Service. The needs of the marketplace, that’s people to you and me, have changed. Take a look at TechCrunch’s “Fee-For-Value Drives Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Opportunity”:

Since PPACA was enacted five years ago, nearly 20 percent of all healthcare payments are value-based. Healthcare industry experts expect this to increase to 75 percent or more by the year 2020. By our account, that’s easily a trillion-dollar-value shift that will take place in the next five-10 years.

This week on #hcldr, let’s think & talk about how real innovation and value is connected to success in healthcare when processed through the lens of emotion, experience (ROE), risk-taking, and dynamic personal relationships.

Let’s consider where we are and where we need to be as well as the implications along with the #hcldr community of professionals, patients, clinicians, administrators, lurkers, counselors, social workers, designers, and advocates! Please join us on Tuesday January 12, 2016 at 8:30pm Eastern (for your local time click here) as we discuss the following topics:

  • T1: Does innovation require risk taking (the power of one) or does the safe path work in healthcare? Examples?
  • T2: How do you feel about the new paradigm in HC – fee-for-value – and what do you see happening in 2016? Examples?
  • T3: How does ROE – Return on Experience lead to innovation, common goals & “success” in Healthcare?
  • T4: What can we each/jointly do to move the needle even farther toward applied innovation and the best care across the board?



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  1. Thanks Joe for featuring the meme… Was a great thread about the change from fax to e-fax. Great example of a simple “innovation” or change that has many nuances. One being return on the investment of disrupting the fax “status-quo”. Look foward to the conversation. ~ Sean Erreger, LCSW 🙂

  2. […] Emotion & Success in Healthcare”, Joseph Babaian, HCLDR, January 10 2016,, accessed February 19 […]

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