A Day In The Life



You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.

― John Lennon

 Two Beatles references in one post? They are apropos in this case while we think of “A Day In The Life” of each of us. What about the dreaming? All the passionate, driven, thinking, working folks trying to remake healthcare all seem to agree with the sentiment – making healthcare’s cogs and wheels transparent and allowing for quality access for everyone. Sure this sounds pie-in-the-sky, but without a vision, we can’t work on shorter-term goals to fulfill our mission of delivering healthcare today in the best ways possible!

Today’s blog is a great example of being inspired by those that reach higher, testing the waters, diving in, seeing what sticks, and doing it all again. The dreamers, the doers that lead the way. The idea of “A Day In The Life” of healthcare comes from my great friend and yours, Marie-Ennis O’Connor. Marie’s LinkedIn is here also. Thanks Marie for the idea!

Each day, who inspires me in the context of healthcare and its synergistic connection to the rest of my life? Seems like a simple question and the answer needs a list. Who doesn’t love a list? This is far from all-inclusive, so no tears in the blogosphere or Twitterverse! In no particular order, just train of thought:

 And, likely, you!

You mean A Day In The Life is all about being inspired? In this context, YES! As you read, work, interact, think, and plan – what motivates you? Nothing we do is truly new, it’s a distillation of those we respect, things we see, experiences we’ve had, and a little luck.

This week on #hcldr, let’s think & talk about how we’re inspired to create and build success, innovation, and access in healthcare when looking at each of our “Days In OUR Lives.”

Let’s consider where we are and where we need to be as well as the implications along with the #hcldr community of professionals, patients, clinicians, administrators, lurkers, counselors, social workers, designers, Dr, Who fans, and advocates!

Please join us on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 8:30pm Eastern (for your local time click here) as we discuss the following topics:

  • T1: Who inspires your healthcare drive through personal interactions with them in person and/or online? How? Why?
  • T2: How do you feel authentic personal relationships can mesh well with #mHealth? What can we do better?
  • T3: When/How do you see #MedEd, #mHealth, #hcsm, & #DigitalHealth all becoming truly integrated in direction and application?
  • T4: How do we take things further in terms of taking chances to make progress without sacrificing too much security? Paradox or not?







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A Day In The LIfe



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