Obstacles to Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation - Thomas HawkBlog post by Colin Hung

While there seems to be a great deal of both energy and discourse regarding the need for innovation in healthcare, the pace of care delivery model change would certainly not be characterized as hurried.

-Roy Smythe MD @willsmythemd

The opening to Dr Smythe’s post on Healthcare IT News sums it up nicely. We talk a lot about innovation in healthcare but there are many inherent barriers actually implementing them in healthcare. Dr. Smythe is the chief executive officer of HX360 – an Executive Leadership forum that address how emerging technologies and health system business model changes will transform the delivery of care. This year HX360 is happening in conjunction with the #HIMSS16 conference.

Ahead of this event, HIMSS, HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassadors and #hcldr have decided to collaborate on a joint chat on the topic of innovation.

Innovation in healthcare is especially challenging. We operate in a heavily regulated, compliance-oriented, risk-averse, time-crunched environment that tends to squash new thinking rather than foster it. Paradoxically we are at a stage in healthcare where so much is broken that innovation is desperately needed to fix it.

Recently, the HX360 team along with HIMSS and AVIA released this infographic on barriers to innovation in healthcare:


For more details see the HX360 Innovation Insights whitepaper.

Bill_BuntingCM Profile Image 2014Join us on Tuesday February 23rd at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when special guests Bill Bunting @WTBunting, Cari McLean @carimclean and other HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassadors in discussing innovation in healthcare.


  • T1 What are the most promising areas for innovation to improve the delivery of healthcare?
  • T2 How can innovation allow for patients to be more effectively engaged in their health and wellness?
  • T3 Why do you feel healthcare organizations underutilize emerging technologies to enhance and scale current services?
  • T4 What will it take for healthcare orgs to overcome innovation adoption obstacles / fears?


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Image Credit

Innovation – Thomas Hawk https://flic.kr/p/hoAtp


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