Where are the nurses?

Empty Stage

We are very honored to have Pamela Ressler (@pamressler), Founder Stress Resources, Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine–Pain Research, Education and Policy Program, return as an #hcldr guest host this week. She is preparing for her panel at the upcoming Medicine X at Stanford University conference and she asked if she could host #hcldr to gather input for that panel. We are grateful for the opportunity to help.

Blog post by Pam Ressler

As connection through social media has evolved over the past decade one of the highlights for me has been the growth of the online health care communities.  In many cases patients have become less isolated, and health care professionals have connected with colleagues around the globe on topics of mutual interest.  However, nurses have not played a leadership role in the health care social media revolution  and evolution– why is that? In a broader sense, where are the nurses in this new realm of collaborative healthcare, the e-patient movement, shared decision making and leadership?

I am honored to be the first nurse to serve on the executive board of Medicine X at Stanford University and will be moderating a panel with three nurse leaders at this year’s Medicine X conference to unpack the question: Where are the nurses? The exceptional panelists will be Perry Gee (@gee_perry), the first Nurse Scientist for one of the nation’s largest health systems, Dignity Health where his focus has been research related at the intersection of technology and patient engagement; Terry Fulmer, (@jhartfound), the president of the John A Hartford Foundation in New York City, a $565 million organization dedicated to improving the care of older adults; and Beth Toner, RN,  (@BethTonerRN), senior communications officer for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a seasoned marketing and corporate communications expert as well as a registered nurse with clinical experience in long-term care and community health settings.

To fully explore the paucity of the nursing voice in collaborative health including health care social media communities, we look forward to calling upon the wisdom of the #HCLDR community to share your thoughts to help us dig deeper. To frame our dialogue perhaps a bit of background information would help.

Did you know that nurses make up the largest professional group in health care? In the United States nurses are 3.2 million strong. Nurses are trained in a philosophy of care that focuses on restoration of function, health and wellness within the context of illness. Physician training, on the other hand, emphasizes diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease. Understanding these philosophical differences, nurses could be the secret sauce of bridging the gap in full collaboration between patients, practitioners.

Please join me on the #hcldr chat Tuesday August 30th at 8:30pm Eastern (for your local time click here) and we can start the conversation with these topic questions:

  • T1 Why are there so few nursing voices in Healthcare leadership? In the e-patient movement?
  • T2 What misconceptions about nurses/nursing persist in healthcare?
  • T3 What is the source of power in healthcare? Title? Training? Knowledge? What takes power away?
  • T4 What is your perfect day in healthcare? What would you need/desire to make it happen?

My panelists and I are eager to hear to your thoughts on #HCLDR chat and invite you to help us amplify the voice of nurse leadership in collaborative health care by participating either in this year’s Medicine X conference (our panel will be live streamed from the main stage on Sunday, September 18, 11:40 am-12:25 pm PT)

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Empty Stage – Aron https://flic.kr/p/38wMf5

Storify Summary from the chat: Where Are The Nurses? https://storify.com/JoeBabaian/where-are-the-nurses

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