Voices of Healthcare Leadership 2016 #HCLDR




This final #hcldr of 2016 isn’t about a topic. The Best of #hcldr 2016 is about the people that make up the community that comes together each Tuesday to talk, learn, and share. Please take a look at a small selection of #hcldr voices that create something special and new each week. Many more voices, too many to list, are essential parts of #hcldr – come meet them every week.

Colin @Colin_Hung and I (Joe @JoeBabaian) remain forever privileged to be a small part of this community of leaders. Thank you for being folks we always consider the greatest leaders, inspirations, and friends.

If you have the time, we’ll be online tonight, Tuesday 12/27/16, at 830p E for an open forum of #hcldr – the only time we’ve done that! Come share a memory, something special you have learned, or just say hi as we wish goodbye to 2016 and share high hopes for 2017.



When diversity, intellect, community and stimulating engagements in healthcare collide, out pops #HCLDR. This is awesome group of “family” and friends I like to hang out with every time I can Tuesday evenings and through the week.

Rasu Shrestha MD MBA  @RasuShrestha 




#hcldr is vital to my life because it enhances my personal learning network and strengthens connectivity with the community with a heart.

Dr. Gia Sison  @giasison 





#Hcldr – constantly challenging the status quo and opening the mind to new ideas and ways of solving healthcare through insightful engagement & interaction with thought leaders from across the industry.

Nick van Terheyden  @drnic1 





I love #hcldr because it allows me to pressure test ideas, get new ideas and generally stay plugged into a great group of forward-looking leaders.

Dave Chase  @chasedave






#hcldr is like a really good, triple shot of espresso. Warm and stimulating with many notes and nuances. Varied experiences, opinions keep it interesting. #hcldr is the (collective) Charlie Rose of Twitter.

~ Melissa McCool  @melissaxxmccool 




#hcldr for an awesome 2016 of sharing, learning, & growing! a beautiful community of innovators & agents of #bethechange! #GSD 👊2017

Nick Adkins @nickisnpdx 





#hcldr is an opportunity to remind medical leaders in the global north about the issues faced by the less fortunate.

~ Chris Houston  @chris_m_h





#HCLDR is a rich tapestry of patients, caregivers, HC innovators, physicians and other healthcare professionals who are unified by their passion for ideas that make a difference for both patients and those working in healthcare alike. There is no us vs. them, instead it is, these are great ideas, how can we implement them.

~ Susan Woolner, CPXP  @susanwoolner



Have always enjoyed the interdisciplinary participation and glad to see it continue to grow.

~ Sean Erreger LCSW @StuckonSW




#HCLDR has connected me with individuals with varying interests and backgrounds who challenge the status quo when it comes to healthcare. I’m proud to be a part of something so important both as a clinician and a patient.

Lisa Marsh  @lisaymarsh




#HCLDR importance: the 1 weekly hour that values each person, respects all ideas, & offers information to encourage thinking, reflection & action for a healthier community.

~ Elizabeth Kelly, Ph.D  @Elizabe85727641




I participate / recommend #hcldr as a group of trusted HCP, patients, advocates who discuss timely and valuable discussions. A unique learning experience & opportunity to connect with others.

~ Natrice Rese  @NatriceR 




I’ve come to rely on #hcldr chat for useful information and valuable insights delivered with wisdom and generosity. I especially appreciate how participants are always greeted, how humor is encouraged, and challenges are welcomed.

~ Meredith Gould  @MeredithGould



#HCLDR It’s the rollercoaster ride you’ll never forget, the highlight of my week. Love being around fearless progressive ,dedicated and passionate people who want to make a difference in our health. By engaging in critical topics with leaders from across the world to find innovative solutions that focuses on patients and valuable healthcare deliveries.

Maram Museitif  @MaramMPH



#hcldr is the first place I found tribe in the Twittesphere. Deep engagement with challenging questions in HC, opportunity to learn from others, support for innovation all on deck every Tuesday night! 

~ Amy Edgar  @ProfAmyE



Weekly chat allows me to connect with a global cross section of leaders within healthcare to discuss important issues & have constructive conflict to challenge my own thinking & improve my leadership.

~ Andy DeLaO  @CancerGeek


#HCLDR promotes collaboration and dynamic discussions between some of the best influencers in health care. Most people would expect these influencers to be celebrated clinicians, but what makes #HCLDR so special is that the leaders heard weekly are real voices, not just from clinicians, but from patients, family members, caregivers, technicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, techkate folks. etc. This weekly Twitter chat offers diverse insight into some of the most challenging pain points relevant in healthcare today. #HCLDR has managed to create a completely respected community of passionate people who share their expertise, experiences and support with folks from all over the world, and that commitment extends far beyond the weekly Twitter chat. For myself, it is a true privilege to be part this amazing community that I learn from weekly and have the luxury of calling my friends.

~ Kate Donovan  @_The_Kate_D


1#HCLDR allows me to reach non #HealthIT #HITsm peeps about healthcare workflow.

Charles Webster MD  @wareFLO

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  1. whyresearch · · Reply

    I was so sorry to miss last night’s #hcldr. Discovering this forum has truly enriched my personal and professional growth. It is rare to find such a committed and caring group of individuals and even better, thank goodness they are committed to improving health and health care! My deepest appreciation to @JoeBabaian and @Colin_Hung for hosting an exhilarating weekly discussion, and to all of the #hcldr community members for showing up–in every sense–for our greater good. Happy 2017! @researchmatters

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