Monthly Archives: February 2017

Rare Disease Research – moving from Study Participant to Research Partner

Blog by Isabel Jordan @seastarbatita. Introduction by Joe Babaian. Healthcare is both personal and global, both technological and bitingly human – above all, these features are not mutually exclusive. The peers, mentors, and friends you engage with on #hcldr each week cover the entire breadth and depth of healthcare – everyone has a voice, a mission, […]

Impacting Healthcare: Where Should Health IT Focus?

  Today we find healthcare continuing to be top of mind – locally, nationally, and internationally. From political football to patient needs, we cannot ignore the need for active innovation and wise management. This week, the major Health IT conference, #HIMSS17 is in full swing over in Orlando. What a show! With the IT theme […]

A Call to Action: Digital Health, Reform, & the Underserved

Blog post by Lygeia Ricciardi (Introduction by Joe Babaian) We are pleased to share this important follow-up to the recent thought-provoking blog written by @Lygeia – a 2017 HIMSS Social Media Ambassador. Lygeia’s well-received #HCLDR tweetchat from January 31st, 2017 has been resonating for the past two weeks. The follow-up topic is A Call to Action: Digital Health, Reform, & […]

Addiction and Healthcare

Blog by Dr. Liam Farrell @drlfarrell. Introduction by Colin Hung. Healthcare is full of personal stories. Often these stories are shared during the “quiet times” – when nurses are taking a break over a meal, physicians are grabbing coffee together, families are sitting with loved ones in their rooms or between sessions at healthcare conferences. […]