Impacting Healthcare: Where Should Health IT Focus?


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Today we find healthcare continuing to be top of mind – locally, nationally, and internationally. From political football to patient needs, we cannot ignore the need for active innovation and wise management. This week, the major Health IT conference, #HIMSS17 is in full swing over in Orlando. What a show!

With the IT theme in mind, let’s ask a cogent question – the answer matters as we focus limited resources towards the worthiest goals and ultimate vision.

We likely all agree that #HealthIT can improve (and continue to improve) healthcare. Where should the focus be? Is usability the key? Security? Perhaps you feel that interoperability/data liquidity matters most? Maybe the focus on #AI and #DeepLearning is where we need to be?

These factors are not mutually exclusive, but I want us to think about where the greatest push needs to be and what comes next. Ideally, we want to see full traction on all of the HealthIT factors, but realistically we know that we end up differentiating based on demand, budget, skills, need, and environment (to name a few).

Some reading to get you thinking –

  • From this week’s #HIMSS17 conference, #hcldr peer and mentor @RasuShrestha shares his overview of the opening keynote by @GinniRometty, CEO of @IBM. Worth your time:




Join the #hcldr community of professionals, patients, clinicians, administrators, lurkers, counselors, social workers, designers, and advocates! Please join us on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017 at 8:30pm Eastern (for your local time click here) as we discuss the following topics:


  • T1: Where should #HealthIT be focusing now for the greatest impact? Greatest good? Are they different?
  • T2: Where do you see #HealthIT struggling? Suggestions?
  • T3: What’s your ideal vision for the ultimate combining of #HealthIT and the practice of medicine?
  • T4: Are there parts of healthcare that #HealthIT should not be a part of? Are there compromises?



 #HIMSS17 conference, Rasu Shrestha MD, MBA @RasuShrestha, overview of the opening keynote by @GinniRometty, CEO of @IBM. Accessed on 2/21/17.


 Analytics, patient portals among key population health tools for the underserved ‘silent middle’Evan Sweeney, FierceHealthcare, 2/17/17. Accessed 2/21/17.


Using Public-Private Partnerships to Bring Interoperability to Individuals” Dr. Vindell Washinton, HealthIT Buzz, Jan 18, 2017. Accessed 2/21/17.


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