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$50 To Live, $50 to Die

Image credit to Ted Closson – @vinegartom – Blog by Joe Babaian Hello #hcldr friends, peers, lurkers, and accidental visitors! You’re all welcome here! I had a blog planned for this last Tuesday of April, but something more important crossed my feed. A dear friend, #hcldr, and incredible librarian shared a Tweet that rocked my core. You […]

The Rise of Genomics in Health Care

Blog post by Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA Our ability to decipher and harness a person’s biology to understand disease and the possible effects of treatment has led to a new frontier in medicine—the rise of genomics. The rise has been driven in part by consumer demand for affordable genetic insight. Whether the impetus is rooted […]

Is Healthcare on the Brink of a Digital Revolution?

Blog post by Joe Babaian “The word of the day is augmentation” ~ Rasu Shrestha, MD Is healthcare on the bring of a digital revolution? We’ve been hearing about the promise of digital health, precision medicine, empowered patients, and more for what seems like years. Often, one of the defining characteristics of a revolution or massive […]

Hype in Healthcare Marketing & PR

Blog post by Colin Hung. The fifth annual Healthcare IT Marketing & PR Conference (#HITMC) starts on April 4th in New Orleans – the day after our next #hcldr chat. To help kick off the conference I thought it would be interesting to invite the #HITMC community to our next #hcldr chat for a discussion on […]