Is Healthcare on the Brink of a Digital Revolution?


Blog post by Joe Babaian

“The word of the day is augmentation”

~ Rasu Shrestha, MD

Is healthcare on the bring of a digital revolution? We’ve been hearing about the promise of digital health, precision medicine, empowered patients, and more for what seems like years. Often, one of the defining characteristics of a revolution or massive paradigm shift is difficulty identifying that the revolution is happening while the transformation is in progress. Hindsight being 20/20, let’s take a look at where we are today.

During SXSW this year in Austin, #hcldr Rasu Shrestha MD participated on a Fast Company Grill panel discussing how tech is moving the needle and changing what is possible in healthcare. Take a look at Healthcare Is On The Brink Of A Digital Revolution for more.

Rasu recently shared this panel summary:

This is a great time to talk about the digital promise, transformation, pitfalls, and hope for refinding healthcare.

In a particularly cogent part of the panel, Shrestha responded to the idea that in the very near future, #AI and machines might be responsible for the majority of healthcare interactions. From the Fast Company article above:

The word of the day is augmentation,” said Shrestha from UPMC.  He compares what’s happening in healthcare today to what people thought would happen to accountants when smart spreadsheets started proliferating. It triggered predictions that the profession would soon be obsolete. Instead, digital spreadsheets help accountants do their jobs faster, better, and at scale.

Please join me on Tuesday, April 10th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) for the weekly #hcldr tweetchat where we will be discussing the digital revolution in healthcare – are we there yet?

  • T1 How has the digital revolution of healthcare already begun? Examples of positive/negative effects?
  • T2 In your opinion, what is or will be the defining example of healthcare’s digital revolution from both a tech and a human viewpoint?
  • T3 What implications are there for patients and providers that must be addressed as technology continues to advance?
  • T4 What ideas and suggestions do you have surrounding the growth and implementation of tech + humanity in healthcare going forward?

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