For years I ignored podcasts. I’m not sure why I did, I just never got into it. But after I listening to EVERYONE around me, raving about their favorite podcast and how much they enjoyed listening to them, I decided to dive in. I asked for a few recommendations and I got hooked. Now, whenever I’m in the car or traveling on a plane, I’m listening to a podcast.

I thought it would be fun to discuss podcasts and podcasting this week on HCLDR. I’m curious to know what the community is listening to (not necessarily healthcare related) and what criteria you use to determine if a podcast is worth continuing with.

I have several podcasts that I love listening to:

And most recently:

I admire my HCLDR friend Don Lee’s podcast voice. He’s so smooth and he rarely says “um” (which I do a lot). He also has all the coolest toys to record podcasts wherever he goes. I asked Don how he got started with his The HCBiz Show podcast

HCBiz started as a tweetchat – it was a community building effort to promote a product. That lead to the blab version of the show – a 4-way live video discussion about important topics in the business of healthcare. When blab crashed I went dormant for a bit, but needed to scratch the itch. I was listening to a ton of podcasts at the time and loved the medium, so I decided to give it a whirl. I loved it instantly and never looked back. So, it was a progression. And an excellent example of how action, and online communities, can lead to unexpected things.

I also asked my friend Carol Flagg who hosts What’s My Tagline how she got started with her podcast:

We could see the sea change related to audio with the rise of conversational technologies, podcast clients on smart phones and the ability to link your phone to your car.

Full Disclosure: my colleague John Lynn @techguy and I recently launched the Healthcare IT Today radio program on HealthcareNOW Radio. Past episodes are available here. Since we started recording, my respect level for podcast hosts has grown exponentially. It’s not easy to moderate your vocal pace and modulate your voice. That’s something I’m still learning. In fact, I’m learning a lot being part of this radio program/podcast.

That’s something that surprised me – how rewarding it is for the podcast host. Like when hosting a tweetchat, I find that the prep work forces me to learn a topic at a deeper level than if I just read about it. It also helps me sharpen my own opinion since I’m limited to 280 characters on Twitter and only a few minutes “on air”. I love it.

I asked Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, whose Creating a New Healthcare I recently began listening to, what he gets out of hosting his own podcast:

Three Things. First, these interviews are so incredibly inspiring and encouraging.  They give me (and the listeners) hope. Second, these interviews afford me the opportunity to meet amazing leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in healthcare, and have purposeful dialogues that I can share with others. Third, it gives me a platform to have a voice – and allow me to be part of a larger dialogue.  I have found it difficult to engage in this sort of transformative dialogue within the 4 walls of organizations.  The power of this “3rd space” is that it allows for that platform.  In large part, I host this podcast and have recently published a book because I have this tremendous need to be part of this reframe dialogue – to not be silent – and to give voice to my truths.  The ultimate purpose is not just to speak but to heal our healthcare system, to liberate the value currently locked up within the constraints of our current system, to humanize healthcare, and to reduce unnecessary suffering and save lives!

Join the next weekly HCLDR tweetchat on Tuesday April 30th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when we will be discussing the following:

  • T1 What are your favorite podcasts and why?
  • T2 What makes someone a good podcast host? Does production quality make a difference?
  • T3 What do you hope for when there is a guest on the podcast? A deep dive? Short answers that cover a wide set of topics? Humor?
  • T4 Is there a podcast you wish existed or one that you would love to start/be the host of?


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