Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Blog by Joe Babaian

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 dawns with the continued shaping of a new reality for everyone. First, you’re not alone. I have seen more connection, more support, more hope, and more examples of folks showing their greatest selves over the past weeks.

Some examples – like the love from true #hcldr Liz Salmi:

Or honest, empathic leadership from Rasu Shrestha:

All mixed with the hopeful joy of Austin star Karen Ranus:

Today’s #hcldr is giving everyone a space to come to visit, drop-in, breathe, share, and not feel pressure during this time of great stress. You didn’t come here for punditry, more of the same, or instructions. Share, vent, grow, sit. It’s up to you. We are here because of the community and perhaps you’ll leave with some comfort and hope.

Join us tonight, March 24. 2020 at 7:30pm Central for #hcldr. We’re waiting for you.

Click here for your local time and date link.

  • T1 How are you doing? Please share what matters to you today – family, work, friends, you name it.
  • T2 How do you think things will look when we “cross the bridge” into the post-crisis time? Will priorities change? Will things revert back to how they were prior?
  • T3 How has this crisis moved you to take action – now, or when the danger has passed? Have you seen things that are driving you to drive change?
  • T4 What is the single biggest lesson you would like to share with posterity about this time in history? What do they need to understand?

Photo by kyler trautner on Unsplash




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