Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Changing Perception of Healthcare

The following is a blog post by Reed Smith @reedsmith and David Shifrin @dshifrin Smith and Shifrin both work at Jarrad Phillips Cate & Hancock which recently conducted a survey of a thousand people asking them for their opinions and perception of healthcare. Specifically, how that perception has changed due to COVID-19. I thought this […]

What Matters Most In Healthcare

Blog Post by Joe Babaian During this time of uncertainty combined with healthcare being all-hands-on-deck, it’s easy to skip right past a lot of what matters – in times of crisis or otherwise. Let’s take some time to breathe and remind each other of the foundation we rest upon. The photo above is one that […]

Social Distraction Tweetchat

It’s time for a little fun on HCLDR. For the past six weeks we have all be under a constant barrage of COVID-19 coverage. Every day we get updates from government officials and healthcare leaders on the latest number of confirmed cases as well as the lives lost to this pandemic. We constantly hear about […]

The Pandemic’s 4th Wave

Blog Post by Joe Babaian Today’s blog is inspired by the so-called human-centered waves of the current pandemic. Attribution and design credits to Victor Tseng @VectorSting for the amazing work seen here. Take a look at Dr. Tseng’s graphic – it’s representative and not keyed to precise times as of today. He created this to […]