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It’s time for a little fun on HCLDR.

For the past six weeks we have all be under a constant barrage of COVID-19 coverage. Every day we get updates from government officials and healthcare leaders on the latest number of confirmed cases as well as the lives lost to this pandemic. We constantly hear about the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), toilet paper, yeast, flour and disinfecting wipes.  It’s no wonder that we’re all feeling a bit cranky.

So for the next HCLDR chat, I thought we’d take a break from our usual in-depth examination of healthcare. Instead, I’d like to just have a little fun, help us all decompress and get to know each other a little better. I’ve chosen 4 questions that focus on positive things and I hope that we can keep the conversations upbeat. Yes, there are issues (big ones), but for one night, let’s put that aside and just recharge our collective batteries.

Personally I feel I need a little break. I thought I’d be a little less busy without healthcare conferences to go to, but I’m busier than I have been…or more accurately I feel the need to constantly be busy. I find myself staying up late working. It’s almost like an invisible force is propelling me forward while whispering “you should be doing more to help” in my ear. I know I shouldn’t feel this way. I know that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself and yet I’m finding it harder and harder to do that as the stay-at-home orders get extended.

So, I’m hoping to inject a little levity and distraction this week on HCLDR. I know I need it…and I hope the community will enjoy it as well.

So with out more preamble, here are the questions for this week’s HCLDR chat – Tuesday April 14th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here):

  • T1 What has become your guilty pleasure (TV show, podcast, book, music, board game, etc) while sheltering at home?
  • T2 What new skill have you learned or hidden talent that you have discovered during this pandemic?
  • T3 What has given you the biggest smile since the COVID-19 restrictions started?
  • T4 What are some of the fun things you plan to do first when the public health restrictions are lifted?

Note: Don’t worry, we’ll return to our in-depth analysis and discussion about healthcare on the next HCLDR chat 🙂 …in the meantime, enjoy this cute dog picture.

Image Credit

Photo by John Price on Unsplash

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