The Real Leaders of Healthcare

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Blog Post by Joe Babaian

This week I felt it would be a great opportunity to call out the best examples of leadership in healthcare that you have seen during this pandemic. Leadership can take many forms as we tackle this new normal.

  • Sharing factual news and updates
  • Working on the front, middle, and backlines to save lives
  • Research & development for vaccines and/or therapeutics
  • Adapting teaching to the new dynamic we face
  • Tackling social issues from unemployment to mental health
  • Working towards best implementations of public health research
  • So many more…

These are just a few examples. One fear is that with our news cycle going super speed, we can lose some of the finer examples of leadership that matter: people and stories that we must not forget or ignore.

Let’s use our time together today to think about this and discuss.

Join us for the next #hcldr tweetchat on Tuesday, May 5th at 8:30pm EDT when we will be discussing:

T1 During this crisis, who has stood out to you for having the greatest positive impact? Why?
T2 Share an example of someone local that has had a positive impact on you/your family/your community.
T3 What types of leaders (sectors) do you see being the most important going forward during this pandemic?
T4 How do you think leadership is evolving as a result of this pandemic? Same players, or something new?

Photo credit: Christopher Mance Public domain

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