Monthly Archives: August 2020

Face Masks: Learning a Better Way From History

For the past few months, a phrase my Grade 5 history teacher, Mrs. Galbraith, has been stuck my head: “History repeats itself, but only for those that are open minded enough to see it.” We were learning about the influx of Irish refugees to Canada and the US who were fleeing the Potato Famine in […]

COVID and the Workplace

I thought it would be interesting to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had and will have on workplaces. What changes are temporary? How do you feel about returning to work in this time of COVID-19? First, I want to acknowledge that many people do not have the luxury of choosing how/if they return to work. […]

Healthcare Fundraising During COVID-19

It is tough to fundraise for healthcare when the economy is do well. It must be extremely challenging to do it during an economic crisis and a pandemic. My heart goes out to all the charities, foundations and grassroots teams out there who are raising money right now. Their determination is inspiring. In the early […]