Monthly Archives: September 2020

Food + Mental & Physical Health

I was listening to the radio while running errands this weekend when I heard a local DJ lament the 10lbs he had gained since the pandemic lock-down started in March. He gained the weight despite running and biking regularly to replace his gym time. He chalked up his additional weight to the comfort food he […]

More Than a Visitor – Essential Caregivers During COVID-19 Are Vital

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many gaps in healthcare systems around the world. No country or health system has been spared the harsh spotlight. Yet over the last few months, there has been one gap that has not gotten a lot of press – the lack of access of caregivers to their loved ones in […]

Surviving The Pandemic’s 4th Wave

  Blog Post by Joe Babaian Today’s blog is circling back to our discussion on April 7th as we discussed the impending 4th Wave of the pandemic. Well here it is September and not only are there multiple waves of the pandemic still ongoing, but the 4th Wave as we described is here as well […]