Monthly Archives: June 2021

Would you recommend a career in healthcare?

There is a game we used to love playing when I was a kid – Game of Life. In it, you would randomly spin for a career that would dictate the amount of money you would collect as salary throughout the game. The career that everyone wanted to get was “Doctor” because it had the […]

The Right to Complain

I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day about the “right” to complain. Here was the scenario: They bought something online and it took 3 weeks longer than expected to arrive. The product was fine, no issues there, but they had to wait a total of 5 weeks for it arrive. My friend […]

Real Healthcare Leadership

Blog Post by Joe Babaian This week I felt it would be a great opportunity to call out the best examples of leadership in healthcare that you have seen during 2021. Leadership can take many forms as we tackle this next, new normal. Sharing factual news and updates Working on the front, middle, and backlines […]