Blog by Dr. Liam Farrell @drlfarrell. Introduction by Colin Hung. Healthcare is full of personal stories. Often these stories are shared during the “quiet times” – when nurses are taking a break over a meal, physicians are grabbing coffee together, families are sitting with loved ones in their rooms or between sessions at healthcare conferences. […]

Blog post by Lygeia Ricciardi (Introduction by Colin Hung) I am humbled and honoured to have been selected as one of 20 Social Media Ambassadors for the upcoming #HIMSS17 conference taking place February 19-23 in Orlando Florida. If you are attending #HIMSS17, I look forward to meeting you at the #HCLDR & #HITsm meetup that is planned for […]

By now most everyone agrees that 2017 is presenting a wealth of opportunity to work with a changing environment – especially in healthcare. Citizen voices and political representatives are telling us that change is needed. With so much time being spent on the policy and nuts-and-bolts of healthcare, we’re reminded not to ignore mental health […]

Blog post by Colin Hung This week marks the beginning of very interesting time in world politics. Regardless of whether you support Mr. Trump or not, there can be no doubt that his Presidency will usher in a time of tremendous change. I don’t believe anyone can predict what will happen in the next four […]

We’re starting 2017 energized by the rich opportunities presenting themselves in healthcare. With #JPM17 & #SUHFestival to the upcoming #HIMSS17 conferences, we see the energy and desire to disrupt, makes things better, create new avenues, solve the newest problems. Many use the term disruption and disruptive innovation interchangeably with any type of new, hot innovation […]

Blog post by Colin Hung Happy New Year! …and welcome to another fantastic year of #hcldr. Can you believe that it’s already 2017? Where did 2016 go? Since many people are still recovering from the holidays, I thought it would be nice to start the year with a bit of a “softer” #hcldr topic. So […]

    This final #hcldr of 2016 isn’t about a topic. The Best of #hcldr 2016 is about the people that make up the community that comes together each Tuesday to talk, learn, and share. Please take a look at a small selection of #hcldr voices that create something special and new each week. Many […]