It’s time for a little fun on HCLDR. For the past six weeks we have all be under a constant barrage of COVID-19 coverage. Every day we get updates from government officials and healthcare leaders on the latest number of confirmed cases as well as the lives lost to this pandemic. We constantly hear about […]

Blog Post by Joe Babaian Today’s blog is inspired by the so-called human-centered waves of the current pandemic. Attribution and design credits to Victor Tseng @VectorSting for the amazing work seen here. Take a look at Dr. Tseng’s graphic – it’s representative and not keyed to precise times as of today. He created this to […]

We are very excited to have a special guest host for the next HCLDR Tweetchat – Dr. Zeev Neuwirth! Dr. Neuwirth is an amazing speaker and podcast host. His book Reframing Healthcare – A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change is a phenomenal read – full of interesting ways to change your perspective on healthcare. Below […]

Blog by Joe Babaian Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 dawns with the continued shaping of a new reality for everyone. First, you’re not alone. I have seen more connection, more support, more hope, and more examples of folks showing their greatest selves over the past weeks. Some examples – like the love from true #hcldr Liz […]

This week’s HCLDR tweetchat is inspired by tweets from: Christina Gilman @GlimanFamily – patient advocate, family caregiver to 4 kids Jana Buhlmann @baldgrrl – Alopecia and mental health advocate. Volunteer Director at @PatientCritical Julie Drury @SolidFooting – patient advocate, family caregiver, rare disease champion and Strategic Lead of Patient Partnerships at the Canadian Foundation for […]

Blog by Joe Babaian Today’s blog has a full title of Fear & Action In a Time Of Crisis, or how I learned to deal with #COVID19 in a healthy, reasonable way. Welcome! This #hcldr is about you. All of you. It’s space to come together and share the best facts, the most compassion, and […]

This week’s #hcldr chat is inspired by two recent events – one personal and the other international. This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Pharma Marketing Conference here in Toronto. I went to the event hoping to learn firsthand what marketing is like in the world of big pharma. While […]

By Fred Goldstein, MS, Gregg Masters, MPH and Alexandria Skoufalos, EdD This week we are thrilled to have special guest hosts who have put together an amazing blog for the #hcldr community. We want to thank Fred Goldstein, MS, Gregg Masters, MPH, Alexandria Skoufalos, Ed, and David B. Nash, MD, MBA for bringing this to […]

Blog post by Joe Babaian The pharma pricing system was not built on the idea of consumer engagement. It was built… on market efficiencies. It was not built on the premise of consumerism. ~ Heather Bresch, CEO Mylan Heather’s comment is striking and it’s emblematic of the entire healthcare system as we now know it. […]

Healthcare has metrics and indicators for just about everything – quality, patient experience, infection rates, clinician 5-star ratings, etc. Yet there currently is no metric or data on how secure a healthcare organization keeps their IT systems. There is no way for patients (or clinicians for that matter) to gauge how secure/insecure their organization is. […]