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A Foundation for Better Care: The Case for Better Nurse-Physician Collaboration

Blog post by Irene Andress, Dr Rajiv Singal, Sarah Coppinger, Sharon Navarro of Toronto East General Hospital Over the last four decades, an enlightenment has taken hold of the healthcare culture. Today’s nurses are seen as “knowledge workers” by physicians and interprofessional practitioners alike. It is a sharp contrast to a century ago when nurses were […]

Are well designed healthcare apps just wishful thinking?

Blog post by Colin Hung This week, #hcldr is teaming up with our friends over on #HITsm for a collaborative chat. Much like our collaboration with #InnoPsy, this will be an opportunity for both communities to explore a single topic from multiple points of view. For those that aren’t familiar with #HITsm, it is a […]

A New Beginning for Academic Medicine

Introduction by Lisa Fields and Colin Hung This week #HCLDR welcomes Joanne Conroy, MD Chief Health Care Officer at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and a frequent contributor to the Wing of Zock blog, as our guest. We are honored that Conroy and the AAMC have chosen our tweetchat to debut their new report on […]