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Oct 8 Chat – What if healthcare leaders had a conference?

Post by Lisa Fields Last week Colin Hung did a great job with both our blog and moderating our topic healthcare conferences. There were so many ideas and resources shared last week. Tom Varghese, MD gave our community a very specific feedback regarding the value of this chat. Towards the end of our chat I threw […]

#HCLDR Chat – Feb 12 2013 – Decisions

Decision-making is an important leadership skill. For healthcare leaders, decisions can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully most of the decisions we have to make day-to-day are not in the same vein (excuse the pun). This week’s tweetchat is on the topic of making good decisions. Mike Myatt wrote an excellent article […]

#HCLDR Chat – Jan 22 2013 – Priorities

Each  January I fight the urge to write down 50 New Year’s resolutions. When I was young, I actually wrote down that many. Of course, I never lived up to all of them. In fact I never accomplished more than 10 at most. Over the years I’ve managed to keep my resolutions to just a […]