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Healthcare Conversations: Connecting vs Talking

Blog Post by Joe Babaian Does intent matter in the world of authentic communication? Today, as every day, I am inspired and encouraged by the depth of community collaboration and growth here at #hcldr and our extended communities – great folks in such a wide and diverse group! This got me thinking about communication versus […]

Looking Back in order to Look Ahead

Blog post by Colin Hung Our next #hcldr chat on Tuesday December 23rd, will be the final one for 2014. There will not be a chat on December 30th – we’re taking a one week break. 🙂 For our final 2014 chat, I think it is appropriate to ask the wonderful #hcldr community for thoughts, […]

Nov 26th Chat – Thanksgiving, The Perfect time to Engage with Grace.

Blog post by Lisa Fields This week is Thanksgiving in the United States. We thought it’d be fun to use this holiday theme for this week’s #HCLDR, much like we did last month when we had a Thanksgiving chat with our Canadian friends (they celebrate about a month earlier).  Please join us Tuesday November 26th […]

Nov 5th Chat – The Bunjee Jump (Medical Version)

Blog post by Gia Sison. Intro by Colin Hung. Last week we were privileged to have Dr. Gia Sison as our guest on #HCLDR, It was an amazing and educational chat – one that will be remembered by Lisa and I for a long time. You can read the transcript of that chat here (courtesy […]

Sept 24 Chat – Our Goal: Providing Professional Development & Leadership for Health Care Leaders

A post by Lisa Fields This week’s questions: T1: As members of our community could you share one specific way you’ve demonstrated information you’ve learned from #HCLDR? T2: As Healthcare Leaders do you believe best practice for #HCSM Chats would include sharing any potential conflict of interest? T3: As Healthcare Leaders please share specific way(s) you’ve seen […]

August 13th chat – Patient Feedback

Post by Colin Hung High performing operating cultures are continually striving for improvement. Continuous improvement requires continuous feedback – candid, timely, honest, constructive. – University of California, Berkley Healthcare needs high performing teams. High performing teams not only need feedback, but strong leaders to create an environment where feedback is welcomed and acted upon. Open […]

July 30th Chat – Specific Feedback to help us Feed Forward

Blog by Lisa Fields Linda Stone (@lindastone) shared a terrific blog in a recent tweet: Short Sweet Post RT @Jasonfried Some great advice we got from #JeffBeros https://37signals.com/svn/posts/3289-some-advice-from-jeff-bezos Jason captured the insight and wisdom of Jeff Bezos during his recent visit to 37 signals. “He’s observed that the smartest people are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering […]

June 25 Chat – Mindfulness at Work

So I would imagine like most of us in our community I’m trying to eat right, exercise, get enough hours of sleep and balance my work life with my personal life. Like so many things in medicine it sounds so easy but I’ll be frank it sure isn’t easy for me. We know we can […]

May 28 Chat – The Nurses Juggling Act

The Nurse’s Juggling Act: When the ‘H’ in Hospital Stands for Health, Hotel, and Harried. Theresa Brown, BSN, RN, OCN TheresaBrownRN.com “I hate not being able to do the little things for patients,” a nurse told me one day. “I hate being that busy.” I know the feeling. The little things can be huge because they […]

#HCLDR Chat – May 7 2013 – Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is reported at an all time high. In August 2012, a study printed in JAMA:Internal Medicine cited a 10% higher rate of burnout than the general population, with those of us in primary care being among the highest at risk.[1] Medscape produced a similar study in March of this year with nearly 40% […]