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The Art and Skill of Listening

Blog post by Bernadette Keefe MD Listening to the world around us, its people and nature, educates us about our world and allows for meaningful conversation. Without the ability to listen, we are unable to sustain relationships and learn. Likewise we place ourselves out of range of others: unable to provide help, to answer needs. For many reasons, […]

Oct 22nd Chat – Maintaining our Focus in a Digitally Distracting world

A post by Lisa Fields I can still hear my mother saying to my sister and I when we were young,“Girls, enough is enough.” Usually she would say this after we’d been singing at the dinner table too long or after pestering her to buy us candy. My mother is a wise woman because sometimes […]

Sept 24 Chat – Our Goal: Providing Professional Development & Leadership for Health Care Leaders

A post by Lisa Fields This week’s questions: T1: As members of our community could you share one specific way you’ve demonstrated information you’ve learned from #HCLDR? T2: As Healthcare Leaders do you believe best practice for #HCSM Chats would include sharing any potential conflict of interest? T3: As Healthcare Leaders please share specific way(s) you’ve seen […]

June 4 Chat – What if healthcare has it all wrong?

Introduction by Lisa Fields (@PracitcalWisdom) Amy Berman. RN is one of the most respected and beloved health care leaders. She shares her dedication and passion for improving health care for older adults as a Senior Program Officer with The John A. Hartford Foundation. Susannah Fox, in her Twitter bio, shares this wonderful descriptive term: Community […]

#HCLDR Chat – April 16 2013 – Involving Family in Care

As a patient, having the physical and emotional support of family members is critical. They are our advocates, our translators, our errand-runners, our shoulders-to-cry-on, and our connection to the outside world. This article from eHow: “The Role of the Family in Health Care” says it succinctly: The family plays an important role in a patient’s […]

#HCLDR Chat – Jan 29 2013 – Workplace Conflict

Five Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict We have heard from several members of our community and they reported #HCLDR chat was especially helpful this past week. I thought the tweets were fast, valuable and the conversation was rich. Thanks to Colin for choosing the topic of “Priorities” and for all the planning he put […]

#HCLDR Chat – Nov 20 2012 – Leadership and the art of listening

Listening is a critical first step to achieving truly open communication. If we don’t truly understand or internalize what someone is saying to us, how can we as leaders be effective? Last week’s topic on #HCLDR chat was “listening” – which ironically generated a lot of great conversations. The full transcript is here and a visual transcript […]