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Should Home Care be a Right?

Blog post by Colin Hung Over the past several months we have had a string of amazing guests on #hcldr. The discussions and topics have all been extremely interesting and relevant to healthcare leaders. I spent the week reviewing the transcripts (something I would highly recommend) and I felt that the prior chats were leading […]

Privacy vs Health. Would you make the trade? – Feb 11th Chat

Blog post by Colin Hung A colleague of mine recently got a new FitBit Force™ the latest activity and fitness tracker. I was amazed at both the style and function of the product. It’s simply incredible what it monitors – sleep, steps, calories burned and even eating habits. The most fascinating feature was how you […]

July 23rd Chat – Healthcare Price Transparency

Colin Hung Since the dawn of shopping (okay maybe a slight exaggeration), consumers have compared prices. Whether it was for papyrus, chickens, cars or flat screens, we have always sought the best price. Yet when it comes to healthcare we, as consumers, rarely think of the true cost of the procedures and the prescriptions given […]