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July 9 Chat – The Science of Improv

This week Healthcare Leaders is once again exploring medicine and music. Tonight we’re going to explore the science of improv. I’ve been interested in drumming circles since I first saw my friend @JordanEM LIVE tweeting from the @AMTAInc Conference last year. I’ll never forget the tweets and pictures I saw during an evening drumming circle. My […]

#HCLDR Chat – May 14 2013 – Music+Medicine: The intersection between story & science

As a health and science writer for The New York Times, and author of the book Island Practice, I am fascinated by the intersection of science and anecdote, by the way that something that initially seems to be a serendipitous occurrence can open the door to discoveries of new and effective medical approaches. One recent […]

#HCLDR Chat – April 9 2013 – Medicine and Music – Take 2

Our Health Care Leader Tweet Chat Medicine and Music was an amazing collection of powerful tweets that came into view with lightening speed. The response regarding Music and Medicine has been powerful.  So many folks have generously shared their unique contributions regarding Music and Medicine. These contributions are so valuable and unique we hope you […]

#HCLDR Chat – April 2 2013 – Medicine and Music

Our health care leader community is a wonderfully diverse gathering of volunteers. We are fortunate to have a rich international collection of interdisciplinary people who are passionate about health care and leadership. It’s important to me to read your blogs, watch YouTube clips, TED talks, listen to your songs and see your tweets. I began […]