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What is the Ideal Patient Discharge Experience?

There is a saying that the last impression you make is the lasting one. Put another way, it means that your wonderful meal can be ruined by having to wait 20 minutes for your check to arrive. Since that is the case, healthcare providers should spend more time and energy improving their discharge experiences. Over […]

Love + Healthcare

Since the next #HCLDR weekly tweetchat falls on February 14th, it seems natural to discuss the role of love + relationships + connection in healthcare. Join us at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) on Valentine’s Day when we will discuss the following questions: According to the Beatles, all we need is love. […]

Trust in Healthcare

Blog post by Joe Babaian Now in 2023, more than ever, we think about trust in healthcare – the system and the medical profession are rooted in experience, connections, and perception. Different segments of society have varying levels of trust based on socio-economic status, race, and level of interaction with the healthcare system, to name […]

Confidence in Science/Healthcare

Blog post by Joe Babaian It’s the kind of mistrust of science because science is viewed as authority. And there’s a lot of anti-authority feeling. I think that’s the kind of thing that drives the anti-vaxxers, the people who don’t believe the science of vaccination and don’t want to get their children vaccinated. It’s all […]

Retail Health: Fad, Failure, or Future?

Over the past two years, retail health has been a hot topic of conversation. Some see retail health as a threat, some see it as the natural evolution of healthcare, and some see it as an innovative disruptor. We may not know who is right for a decade or more, but there is no doubt […]

What if a Physician Isn’t Good at Telehealth?

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a user group conference for a large Health IT company. One of the most interesting conversations that I overheard was on the topic of physicians who were not good at telehealth. Here is a synopsis of the story one Chief Medical Officer told his peer from […]

The Impact of Healthcare’s Staffing Crisis

The staffing challenge in healthcare has gone from something that affected a small number of organizations to a crisis that now grips the entire industry around the globe. From London to New York to Toronto to Cape Town – there are news stories about the lack of nurses, physicians, personal care workers, EMTs and technicians. […]

Remembering The Forgotten Patients

Blog post by Joe Babaian Hi, I exist.     ~ Said by anyone overlooked, if they could only find their voice During this ongoing pandemic, we see the significant impacts on healthcare, including changing methods of delivery. From telehealth’s vigorous ascendancy (to a plateau of sorts), to in-person clinical care walking the tremulous line of reconsidering […]

COVID Vaccines – Patient Experience + Hesitancy

Every week, we get closer and closer to the day when the COVID vaccine will be available to the general population. When that day arrives, will the healthcare system be ready? Will the population be ready? A Logistics Challenge The most critical vaccine challenge is logistics. Not only do you have to get the vaccine […]

Worth the Wait? Wait Times in Healthcare

A couple of weeks ago, Grace Cordovano, a regular contributor to the HCLDR community, sent out this tweet: 45 min & counting in the exam room. Staring at the blank wall. What would you change? What would you add to make this a better #PtExp? What’s missing? Please entertain me & the millions of patients […]